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A long drive but worth it for the entertainment value

No work got done this morning despite me grabbing a couple of automation scripts to test, because the lab gurus finally noticed what I have been seeing for a while, there is something flooding the network's video stream side. And they had to close it down to troubleshoot it.

Lunchtime the plan was to go to Senter Avenue, whever that was in San Jose, and buy a cattleya orchid from a small shop which specializes in orchids that got such lopsided reviews I just had to check it out for myself. Phuong Nam Plants, obviously Vietnamese, is in south SJ, next to the DMV, in a row off warehouse space which has mostly been rented by small businesses. Most reviewers have it 5 stars, but there were a few 1-star blurbs which complained about crappy (or no) customer service. One gringo ranted about waiting for half an hour for someone to greet him, the old bald owner ignored him while the owner's sister focused completely on the customer she was helping.

Okay, so I get there, it's about a 25-minute drive, and they have a lovely cloth banner sign, very colorful and lots of flowers and plants drawn on it, hanging above the door. In front of the shop, and the shops on both sides, and in the parking lot, are rolling racks of citrus trees for sale. Inside it is a small space, maybe 10 feet wide, 20 feet deep, with the front 10 feet for wall to wall, floor to ceiling orchids & pots & a few bonsai plants.

As soon as I am about to enter, a tiny middle aged firecracker of a Vietnamese woman invites me in, and I see a gorgeous orchid which looks a lot like a cattleya, ask if it is one, but she says no, they are out of cattleyas, probably a shipment on Thursday, and she tells me the type of orchid it is, but I don't catch the name. She says it's $15, which is a huge bargain, but when  I say I want to look around, she points me to a smaller $10 one. But price isn't a problem, I just want to explore this orchid museum. Lots and lots of nice ones, healthy, and on the lower shelves in jumbled piles are all kinds of pots and baskets and other things in which to put plants. Around the front, there is a row of bonsai plants, a couple of them very old, the smallest marked $66, which again is a bargain. But I'm on my lunch hour, and it's almost 100° outside, I don't really want to have too much cooking in the car. I go back to the $15 orchid, tell her I'll take it, and let's find a put and a saucer to put the pot on. Right below the orchid is a shelf of just what I was looking for, Asian design pots and matching saucers. $15 for the pair. So $30 out the door (cash only, but I knew that from Yelp) with what I would have expected to pay twice that for.

Long drive back to work, the car outdoor thermometer is reading 97° most of the way, but the Prius aircon is doing a fine job of blasting it down to 74.

Back at work. the network is back up, but not quite. So no real testing, but I do get to play a little with videos. Watched the ending of Pleasantville, which reminded me how much I detest Tobey Maguire, and how much I love William H. Macy. ESPN wasted a lot of time and old file footage of various Kennedys in what could have been an excellent documentary on the special olympics. A special olympics special. Completely disregarding the fact that Arnold's ex was only a cousin. They interviewed, at length, her brother, who looks eerily like her father.

There was a movie which had Nick Cage in a Navy officer's dress uniform for the whole thing, apparently being a deep cover Soviet spy who thinks he's a loyal American busting a corrupt senator, or something. Cage is another alleged actor I would rather not look at. There were snippets of Angelina in horns, Impregnated? Incarcerated? Oh yeah, Maleficent. Best performance since Tomb Raider.

After work, it was the former batcave Starbucks, where I scored a nice soft seat at a big enough table for the laptop. Iced tea and a croissant. The prettiest woman was one of the baristas. Redhead. Great smile, nice butt. Did some FB and updates. And was reminded that tomorrow Windows 10 starts loading onto PCs. I may bring the laptop to work for that, hook it to the guest network.

Boss shared his flickr page of last week's team celebrations, some really good shots, including one of me.

I haven't put mine up on Flickr yet. But I shared them with the team.

From *$s to Lowe's, bought some orchid potting material, some flattened glass beads to put between the saucer and the pot, and also found a small flat-backed  hanging basket of succulents to hang on the hook on the front of the house, back of the porch. Took me this long to find something small enough.

Home, gave Spook her treats, but that didn't stop her from whining. took the orchid out of its plastic container and put it into the pot, first adding some of the potting material, then packing it in with that. Poured a layer of the beads on the saucer, put the pot on it, and watered that.Then watered the orchid. And a lot of water spilled all over the stand, enough for about 8 paper towels. Spook was not pleased.

That done, took photos:

Dinner was frozen lasagna nuked to order, dessert was cantaloupe and watermelon.

Watched an episode of Who Do You Think You Are, to which Ancestry.com's web site contributed nothing. All the research was done by a long series of southern archivists. The task was to find out about some actress' great grandmother, and they did to a point. They stopped at 54 years old, then ffed to her obit, when she was about 90. From what they dug up of her life to that point, I would much rather have seen how in the blazes she survived to such a ripe old age. Another thing they did in the first year which has not happened lately, is they showed the searcher bringing the info back to her family. Not this time, even though they started with her dad sharing what he knew.

Plans for tomorrow:

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