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Cleaning up

Facebook is where I post most of my photos, because LJ doesn't give me a lot of space for pix, and my Semagic editor has an easy to use widget which will paste a photo here using the FB URL. Lately, FB has had some issues with their links to pictures and videos, so if you see a link broken here, talk to Facebook, not me. :-)

Work was interesting today. Me & Lisa & boss' boss (I shall call him Boss2 , I think) were the only ones on time for the bi-weekly QA meeting, so he joked that we would have a short meeting. By 5 after, everyone was there who wasn't on vacation or at a funeral, something like a dozen. It was still a fairly short meeting because we have nothing new, really. But lots of ongoing work.

Automation Guy was at a funeral, so I talked to #2, who was kind enough to transfer some of his work to me. And I was kind enough to use my own machine for it instead of one of the few in the Automation pool.

More of those to run tomorrow, and maybe Monday.

Lunch was at Home Town buffet, I have no idea why. Oh yes I do, I was going to Armadillo Willy's, but turned onto El Camino instead of Homestead.

I'm reading a Kindle book, Wyrd Girl by Jon Jacks. First person quasi-zombie tale in the voice of a young British woman. Not bad, but also not proofread or edited. I think it was free. Anyhow, also YA, so some slack is cut.

So after work it was straight home, and cool enough to water the gardens a little. Also hooked the faucet Y back to the hose connection on the front of the house by the carport, now that there are flowers growing by the mailbox. Hooked up the el cheapo hose which had been chucked behind the shed, there's already a holder for it. The other end of the Y goes to the other side of the house, where the rose garden and poppies are. The Bees Friend seeds I planted are already coming up. And some poppies. On the carport side, the yellow zinnias are thriving, the catmints is already spreading out a branch, and only two of the six yellow flowers whose name I didn't catch are dead or dying. The crawling thyme is green but it may fry. Not enough mass to shade itself. Meanwhile, the blue Hawaii is being shaded by the mint forest, which is flowering and being a major bee magnet. Mint honey! Somewhere...

No mail at all. Monthly HOA mag in the newspaper slot.

Last night I dropped my rent off at the office after work. And loaded the dishwasher & ran it. And cleaned & refilled the cat water fountain. Tonight I Ajaxed the sink, unloaded the dishwasher, and for some reason I cannot fathom, vacuumed the livingroom and piano room for the first time this year. Spook mat be long haired, but hardly sheds at all. And the carpet is no-pile, it doesn't hold onto dirt.

Speaking of my weird cat, while I was on the recliner, working on the laptop, she jumped up onto the arm, walked across my lap, and off the other side. She hasn't done that in a long time, or often. And when I was cutting up some watermelon for dessert, she meowed at me like she wanted some, so I held out a piece, but she was not interested. She stayed there staring at me, though.

The last couple of mornings she has curled up on the bed within easy reach, but fought me when I tried to pet her. Grrr.

Last night's adventure with Windows 7 to 10 and back again left me without a working fingerprint reader. One infuriating thing about that return to Win7 is WIn10 destroyed my system restore points, which I had been counting on to restore the fingerprint reader.

Since I wouldn't be able to use it on 7 anymore, tonight I put 10 back on.

At work I had downloaded several versions of the Toshiba fingerprint reader utility, but none of them would run. I may experiment with the face recognition tool. I also may email Toshiba support. I suppose in time they will have a Windows 10 solution.

Delivered very late was a pair of slip-on orthotically correct sneakers. Very nice look, they feel a bit strange after wearing flats for so long. I'll wear them to work tomorrow and see how it goes.

Plans for tomorrow:
Weekly retort
Maybe hang out somewhere after work


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