Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

My my my, look at the time!

Did not step away from the video editor when I should have, and now I'm too close to "lights out" time on my automatic timer. And I haven't shot up yet, either. I think I'll do that now...

Got a bunch dine today, even though I wasted almost till noon watching youtube videos in bed. Someone I met at a songwriters' meetup last month PMed me on FB and asked me to listen to two versions of a song she recorded in Garage Band, using a track for her guitar and one for her voice. She seriously needs voice lessons, but there's hope - she sings on key, in tempo but has serious projection issues. She's starting college this falll, majoring in music, so she will get the help she needs. I like her songs, she includes the lyrics otherwise I would not understand them at all. I also like that she has a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and taught herself guitar.

First on my list was the half-hour drive to the orchid place, under the impression they had a shipment of cattleyas Thursday. But, no, it's out of season for them for a couple of months. But they had three Thai lime trees, so I bought one. And also another of the same kind of orchid I got last time, it's called a miltonia, maybe named after that poet who ran a lost & found. It looks a lot like a cattleya, similar leaves and also known for a strong sweet fragrance.

Stopped at Lowe's on the way home and got a pot for the tree, and a bag of citrus potting soil, and a bag of generic potting soil because they only had one for citrus and it was a big pot. And a big humidity saucer and some river rocks for under the pot.

Home, when I looked at the Thai lime tree on the porch, it was clear the pot I'd bought was way too big, so after I potted the orchid and found a place for it on one of my big livingroom speakers, I hopped in the car, returned the too-big pot & saucer for a refund, and bought the next smallest size of both, for about a $10 discount.

Since I was halfway there already, next stop was Lucky's for fruit and snacks. Cantaloupe, half a watermelon, some kiwis, some nectarines, a 32-oz tub of strawberries (half price), two small over-priced containers of blueberries (Costco has huge tubs for less, but waiting in line for 20 minutes for one item is not my idea of time well spent) and bananas. Not much in the snacks department, a couple of small bags of Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares, sugar free chocolate pudding and a small bag of dark chocolate covered berries/crunchy stuff. They don't carry Famous Amos cookies, and I've been staying away from the usual oreos and newtons. Not on a diet as such, just finding less sugary treats.

Home again, after putting stuff away, took the tree to the porch, filled the saucer with the little river rocks, and took the tree out of the plant store pot, aiming it into the new larger pot. And then there was a big oops as almost half of the dirt separated from the rest, about a third of it landing on the porch and in the saucer. Eventually I went inside and got a dustpan and brush and got the stuff off the porch and into the pot, and poured what was left in the original container into the pot, and filled in with soil from the bag I'd bought. It didn't need much. Watered it all, and though the dirt floated to the surface of the water, I wasn't keen on scooping it out and into the pot.

The spillage reminded me that on my to-do list was vacuuming the leaves from the carport. There are a lot of deciduous trees on my block, and it seems that most of them aim their falling leaves my way. In the process of shop-vaccing them, I revealed some serious cracks in the pavement and a couple of spots where vermin might be able to get under the house. Maybe.

In other spiffing up news, the microwave was a mess from exploding lasagna a few days ago, so now that has been cleaned up.

The big project was to start re-encoding the video clips on my web site from my theater doings, since windows media format is no longer supported by anyone, and MP4 is. I still have the original MP2 files for most of the shows, but had to re-record a 1990 Pirates of Penzance I was in at Stanford. That took 2 hours, during which time I watched TV.

All told I have 17 clips in MP4, 7 of which I had encoded earlier this year, but only a couple were embedded in the web pages. Probably have another 15 or so to go.

I hope you all had a happy August Fools' Day.

Plans for tomorrow:
More MP4 encoding
Maybe go to the movies
Maybe drive out to the coast, where I think there is an orchid greenhouse
Coffee with Janice
Take out the garbage

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