Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Pretty Much As Unplanned

Expected a boring day, and got it. Slept till 10, worked on updating the web videos till about 2, got the car washed, met Janice for a chat at the 2nd closest Starbucks to her condo, in time to be met with all kinds of dumpsters and mobile storage units in the parking lot. After closing time they expected demolition to begin. Remodeling, actually, but the way that place is laid out, a lot of fixtures will probably have to be ripped out. It's about time.

Discovered much to my alarm that my videotape of HMS Pinafore, which was by far my most challenging vocal role, is corrupt. All I have left is a couple of clips in small avi and mpg format, which I had to make do with blowing up to double their original size. And a clip of Come Blow Your Horn is also probably going to need to be massaged like that because the DVD I made was from a slightly munged tape.

Also on my list is to find the backup CD with my recording of Beyond The Fringe which I directed and starred in during college.

Plans for tomorrow:

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