Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The work day ends sooner

When you show up an hour later than usual.

Our weekly team meeting was about to end half an hour early, but Boss wanted to hear from other people about anything, so T got out his phone and showed us pix of 4 1st place ribbons he won this weekend for breeding exotic finches. He had told me about this hobby several months ago, and two things occurred to me:
1. T is the last person on the planet I would have expected to be into tiny birds, He has a harsh personality
2. Finches should be dead easy to breed. So who cares?

I found it funny that he showed us pix of the ribbons, but not of the birds.

Back at my desk, followed up on an issue I'd reported to Boss at Friday's 1-on-1. It had to do with what happens to the database on the machine when it is backdated from the development build to the release build. from rev 1.1 to 1.0, for instance.

Which meant a lot of building databases by hand, ftp-ing them to my PC, updating and backdating and putting various versions of the database in place to see what happens. I think I'm done.

Lunchtime I checked my insulin pen, and it seems in my rush to leave home I grabbed an empty one. So I went home and got a full one, then to Togo's for pastrami.

My youngest sister suggested I should grow tomatoes, since I have so much direct sunlight here, and I answered that I don't eat a lot of tomatoes, so why bother? But then I noticed at work people had left bags of home grown lemons, pears and oranges to share, and I figured I could do that with tomatoes, if they lived. So on the way home I stopped off at Lowe's, and they pissed me off by not having the gate to the garden center open, which meant parking way the heck on the other side, and walking the length of the store to see the plants. Boo, hiss. They had about 6 varieties of tomato, and not enough info on the marketing-inspired labels, but there was a Q code on each. So I reached for my phone, and remembered I had left it on a charging stand at my desk. So, back to work, grabbed the phone, and then to Home Depot which always has a door and checkout stand open near the garden center. And they had the same exact tomatoes. The Q code gave me enough info, and HOme Depot's phone app reads them and displays the info. So I got two medium sized beefsteaks, and two small celebritys. And a bag of garden soil.

Home, by now it is dusk, and there's a nice breeze and temps are down to 75 or so. After parking my lunch box in the kitchen and saying meow to Spook, I went outside and turned a mystery box at the end of the carport into a pile of garden soil with a trellis stuck in it. And planted the tomatoes. The trellis is a funny story, it was left behind by the previous owner, who probably never used it because she didn't do plants.

So now I have a tomato garden.

Delivered was one pair of pants from Walmart, ordered two weeks ago. There should have been 5 pairs, and I expected them last week. Looked up the order, and the other 4 are not due till Thursday. :-(

Sat out on the porch and watched four hummers fighting over the feeder. Which is hilarious because there is a 32-oz full feeder on the other side of the porch which only the smallest bird has ever tried. These idiots are so territorial they are all starving.

Dinner was frozen orange chicken. Lots of honeydew for dessert, plus some walnuts.
Plans for tomorrow:
Probably more web video encoding

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