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Done, I think

My Theater video clips
Took all of them and re-encoded into 640x480 mpeg4 format. In too many cases I had to re-edit the clips from the original MPEG-2 videotape transfers. And I think I got all the still images at the top of each page to larger than thumbnails.

Got to work on time for a change, but things stalled out when Automation Guy was too busy to help onblock an issue with a script. But I was able to solve the question of why the new update routine behaves differently than it has in the past.

Lunch was at the bad Chinese fast food place near eye candy Starbucks, but the food was worse than usual and there was no view.

At work during the lull I did some research, pulled up the CalFire map which shows pretty much all of CA's forests are overkill for marshmallows and s'mores. Looking for a place to camp out to see the meteor shower next week, which meant someplace not on fire, and where the sky is not obscured by smoke. Most of the not on fire places are the farmlands, where there are no campgrounds, or a very long drive toward Nevada, through fire danger areas. But there was one section which looked like a winner, Los Padres National Forest, which Big Sur is basically the northwestern edge of. Too much chance of fog and tourists at Big Sur, but there were plenty of available campsites on the northeast corner, a place called Arroyo Seco, which apparently means "dry gulch". It's a more direct and easier drive, according to Google maps, than Big Sur, and looks to be a higher elevation. So I start making a reservation for a 2-night stay, and get everything filed out until it asks if I have a senior pass, which I do, saying there could be a significant discount for that. But it requires my card #, and my card is not in the slot in my wallet where I would normally keep it, which is okay because I had not planned on using it any time soon and was pretty sure that when I put all my loose cards into sleeves, and put the sleeves into the file cabinet, it was in the last sleeve. So, to be continued.  

Straight home, filled the empty windshield washer tank with Prestone bug attack washer fluid. While I was in the shed getting that out, I checked to see where all my camping gear was. Just where I left it. tent, air mattress, electric pump (which I need to charge), sleeping bag, ground cover, propane stove, propane, mess kit, though I will probably not cook anything more complicated than water. Lantern.

Delivered was the missing 4 pairs of pants. Black shorts. For dress-up occasions like our band concerts.

In the mail was a copy of the railroad museum monthly, even though I did not renew my membership. Maybe I go to Niles Sunday and take a steam train ride.

So, next order of business was to fire up the PC, and while it was booting up (which takes about 7 minutes now), I went to my file cabinet, and did no see the senior pass. Pulled out the folder with the sleeves, looked through them all, and no pass. Oh wait, it's on the chair in my bedroom, probably underneath my laptop case. Go there, nope, not there. Back to the PC, look at the very small stack of cards next to the printer, cards I did not want to have out of sight like my library card, social insecurity card, passport card and three business cards I have been too lazy to put away.

The passport card reminds me that I took it out of my wallet so I could fit in the senior pass. And there it is. I had it at work all along.

Logged in to the campground reservation system, and punched in all the data again, which I had saved to an item on Evernote, and sure enough, the pass gave me one night free. It will also get me free entry into the forest.

And that's when I took up the video project again. And after that was done, launched my VPN and went onto the vacation time system and requested three days off next week. I'd already put a note in my weekly report that I might do that, so we should be cool.

Dinner was frozen tiny portion of turkey, carrots and stuffing, with dessert made from blueberries, honey and chocolate syrup.
And in other news, yesterday the actor formerly known as Jim Orn who changed his name to Jimmy Gunn, died. He directed the  Little Shop Of Horrors I was in last year. He was in very poor health, there were some rehearsals where I wasn't sure he would make it through, so as sad as it was to hear he was dead, it wasn't a huge surprise. I first met him in 1984 when we did Annie with Palo Alto Players/Palo Alto Children's Theater and my impression, since he was the youngest of the adult cast, was he had recently been in the children's side. He was annoying, and he kept stealing puffs of the silver hair coloring spray I had bought until one day I bought a can of neon orange, put the silver label on it and sprayed a little bit of silver on the nozzle and left it out. He made a late entrance with slightly orange ears.

I had not heard from him after that, he wasn't in any of the other Palo Alto plays I did. Then, 30 years later, I get a private message on FB from a ragged looking guy named Jimmy Gunn asking if I would be interested in auditioning for Mr. Mushnik in Sunnyvale's production of Little Shop Of Horrors. Auditions had been ages ago, and I had not tried out because I hate it when auditions are months before rehearsals start, and Sunnyvale has crumby tech. Apparently the person they had cast had moved out of town, which is one reason to not cast so far in advance. Heck, one show I was in one of the leading men died before rehearsals started. But I digress. I got the part, and it was a lot harder than I expected, because I knew the movie pretty well, and all the songs in it, but in the movie Mushnik doesn't sing. In the stage version, he has four numbers, and he pretty much carries Act I. Jimmy asked me a few times if I felt I was in over my head, or was having second thoughts, but I liked the part, and I figured it would be okay. The music director worked with me a LOT and Jimmy finally took the choreographer off my Big Number when it was clear she didn't Get It, and she kept changing things. He worked with me & Seymour to build a pretty good comic tango out of it.

A few weeks after the show closed, he invited me to try out for something else he was directing, but I declined. 

During the rehearsals I went to see his stand-up routine at Rooster T. Feathers, and was pretty disgusted with the retarded character he chose as his trademark. Here's an example clicky clicky

He was active on my Facebook page, and was making comments until the day before he cashed in. Annoying to the end.

Plans for tomorrow:
They say it may rain, but I doubt it will reach this far south.


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