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Worked till 7 yesterday, which shifted everything later than usual, and decided to go to bed at midnight instead of writing.

It was a quiet day at work yesterday, until I found that a test case I'd failed could be passed, because the case was written from a specification which was erroneous, and all I was waiting for was the official correction to that in the latest doc. Which took way too many months but happened last week. So I pasted the new spec into the bug report, and closed the bug, then deleted the part of the test case which was erroneous, and pasted the new spec in, and passed the test. Boss will be happy because two buckets will have one less red flag.

It was hot & mugy and cloudy all day. When I went to the car at lunchtime, there were a few dust spots from a teensy rain shower. Lunch was at Togo's, Asian chicken salad. I have no idea where in Asia they get the chickens. One of the staff looks Thai, but speaks Spanish. Hmmm.

At about 5:58, team leader came by and said Boss asked him to write up a doc on the database issue & solution I had found, and asked if I had tried it with the original release. I had written Boss that I'd worked with the current build, and the previous build. The original release was the build before that.

Which meant backing up the DB for build 3, backdating to build 2, restoring a DB for that build I had created the day before, then backdated to build 1. And sure enough, my db had been renamed with a build 2 name & date stamp, leaving me with no working DB. Team lead asked me to make sure the build 1 db would work on build 2, so I created a couple of video inputs and outputs, made sure that played on my PC, made a backup of the build 1 db, then updated to 2 and then 3. Yup, that worked. Then backed up to build 2, restored its db, then to build 1 and restored its db.
Finally back to build 3, and restored that db and was good to go home.

I had made screen captures showing how to do the db backups, which I sent to team lead.

After work I went straight home, decided it was going to rain so did not water any plants. I was on the PC, avoiding the GOP masterdebaters, who do not deserve any of my time. Greedy pigs. You know they are only doing it for the PAC money. It's way too soon for us to be paying attention to any of this.

I like Donald Trump. He's a spirited speaker, and he says a lot of things I agree with, and then gets seriously misquoted by the spokesmodels who imagine themselves as news reporters.

Jon Stewart was one of the worst. I didn't watch his final episode because I haven't watched The Daily Show in several years. It long ceased to be the biting satire of That Was The Week That Was, bringing in lame actors like Samantha Bee and That Cole-bert guy. Not to mention Adam Sandler's special needs cousin Steve Carell. The only person worth listening to was Lewis Black, but 30 seconds of his ranting was about all I could stand.

As I was playing with FB, there was a huge crack of thunder, so I went outside to watch. There was no rain, just 90% humidity, lots of wind, and maybe one lightning display (the kind that look like a whole tree's worth of branches) every 5 minutes or so, until the clouds moved away.

Spook was spooked. She meowed a lot, and rolled over on her back with her paws up. And hid under the desk between the cat bed an the telescope case.

I got to bed at midnight, but read until 1. Silly thing to do. I'm reading a free Kindle book, Sci-fi, set on the universe's largest luxury space liner. Starliner by david drake. Just when I'm about to erase it and move on, he adds something just intriguing enough to stay with it. His protagonist is all the Gods of the Universe's gift to women. . He is 3rd officer in the cruise director department (think Assistant to Julie in the Love Boat). 2nd officer is an attractive and very capable woman. But he doesn't boink his co-workers. OTOH, he believes his job includes allowing the customers to seduce him.

There is some tech on the ship which is standard future stuff, like accelerated teaching machines, but the communications gear is in the line of sight realm.

Drake has telegraphed that the 1st officer in the social department Has A Secret™ and also has figured out that protagonist is not the ivy leaguer he pretends to be.

Friday. I was up on time, and did my usual morning stuff in the usual time, but still only managed to just make it in at 9. And completely forgot it was donut day. Partly because donuts arrived after I did. And partly because they were Krispy Krap.

Tried to run several automation scripts, but none of them worked so I bounced them back to Automation Guy or his minions.

That ate up most of the day.

When I grabbed my el cheapo Logitech headphones, the cover came off one ear. Cheap felt glue-on type so lunchtime was a trip to Fry's for a replacement. Was adopted by a salescreature who may have been a Bose rep, who wanted to sell me one of their fine headsets for half price, and they pay the tax. $97 and change. It would be worth it if I needed that kind of fidelity, but I don't.

She finally gave up, and after a while another salescreature came by who suggested maybe what I want is in the gaming section on the other side of the store.

Most of those were USB, which my docking station doesn't like, but they had a pair on clearance which connected with a pair of mini plugs, or a single mini-plug, for $8. Got those.

Also bought a small RC car for Spook.

After work I went to BatCave Starbucks, which now has a much expanded patio, leaving some seating available indoors. Nice view. I wanted to choose my 3 entries for Monday's photo contest, but Outlook burped, and all of Office365 had to be repaired, and then Norton also needed to run a scan. I found a couple of candidates for the contest finally, but it was almost 8, needed to get home.

Delivered was a very heavy microwave. I knew the plug for the soon to be old microwave was going to need pliers to remove, it has been stuck for ages. When I pulled it out, I almost plotzed because the outlet was burned. Badly. Very luck it didn't start a fire. From the looks of it, the outlet was not up to the amperage rating it needed to be. This outlet is on the kitchen island, so it should have been heavy duty for things like mixers and blenders and toaster ovens.


So I drove to Lowe's, bought a 20A outlet and a new faceplate (which I didn't really need). Home, it took five tries to find the right breaker - the one marked "microwave" fooled me - there is a microwave above the oven which I rarely use because it doesn't have a turntable, and when you hit the "1" instead of it setting for 1 second, it starts cooking for 1 minute. Numbers 1-9 are all express cooking launchers, I think.

Once the outlet was off, it was easy to remove the assembly, but the screws for the hot wires were too short to fit the looped ends under. Took a good look at the outlet, and it needed me to straighten the loop and push the wire into a slot, and then tighten the screws which tightened a copper plate onto the wires.

Put it all back together, plugged the new microwave in and viola. Or cello.

Before I started the outlet work, I hauled the old unit out to the car. Also took apart the old electronic litterbox, put the part with the motor and charger into the car and the rest into the garbage.

It all goes to the dump tomorrow.

Finally had time to open up the RC car box, and one of the front wheels was disconnected. I pushed it back into place, put batteries in and tried to run it, but it wouldn't go on the carpet. On the kitchen linoleum it ran in circles. Spook was intrigued, but it needed to be able to go the length of the kitchen to be a workable toy, so that will be recycled as well.

Looked for a replacement on Amazon, but held off for now because I'd be out camping when it arrives.

Dinner was a small Thai coconut chicken frozen dinner with frozen blueberries and watermelon topped with walnuts for dessert. I was going to cut up a cantaloupe, but when I sliced it open, it was all black and grey and fuzzy inside. It is now in two large freezer bags in the trash.

Plans for tomorrow:
Recycle center
Safeway, restock frozen dinners & buy some food for the camping trip.
Find 3 photos for the contest and resize them, email them
Meet J for coffee at the Ikea Starbucks

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