Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Well, Saturday happened

What was originally the microwave/electric litterbox recycle became that plus an electric carving knife plus a bag of broken/incompatible webcams, plus a bag of assorted PC boards, an internet radio which no longer internetted, a broken (as in "dropped from a great height) router, and assorted AC adapters.And two broken iPods.

So why is my office table still a mess?

Well, two NAS hard drives, a cable modem/router and a router and two NAS drive shells, and dome DX lenses and a couple of tablets which all can make me some $$ on eBay, but that's work.

So, a short drive to the SMART Station, the attendant was good about showing me which stuff went in which bins. Of course the microwave bin was farthest from the parking spots. But all done in 5 minutes. They're supposed to check ID to confirm you live in the 3 cities which fund the place, but didn't.

On to Safeway, where I was shopping for two. First was a very disjointed safari ISO things which did not need refrigeration or cooking, but would sustain me for 2 nights in the forest. And then a surgical strike to restock my frozen dinner supply, eggs and a sourdough baguette.

Home, put everything away, watered the plants, filled Spook's treat bowl, vegged out on the porch.

Then on to MV to meet Janice for coffee. The original plan was 5:30 in East PA, because J was doing some Red Cross work there, but it let out early so we rescheduled for 5 at Rengsdorff, except when I got there they were still remodeling, so we changed it to San Antonio Rd.

Home, booked some face, watched some mindless TV, dinner was sliced sourdough with French sheep cheese & green olives with a main course of lasagna. Two mint milano cookies for dessert. Might slice up a nectarine later.

Wrote two letters, one to the CA Alcoholic Beverage people and one to Starbucks corporate, both asking them to cool it with the plan to sell booze in coffee shops.

Another envelope is going out Monday with a form for the Worldcon site selection committee. I paid $40 for a voting token, and gave Helsinki a "1" and Montreal a "2" and left it at that because I can't see going to DC for anything in August, and I think it's too soon for a repeat of Japan.

Plans for tomorrow:
Go for a historic train ride. Probably Niles Canyon, but there are two others which are possible. Roaring Camp I have not been to in decades, but it means Hwy 17 on a sunny Sunday. Looking at the other, it turns out to be a model RR show, not a ridable train. Fooya.
Either way, the camera's GPS is charging, I hope I remember to put it back on the camera.

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