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Did not go training because it looks like Niles is only running diesel engines this summer, and their calendar said today was a Special Event, but didn't explain what it was. And traffic on 17 reports said don't try Roaring Camp.

But I did get two loads of laundry done & put away. Spook helped.

And Janice had given me a clue, which was to buy a powr pack for the trip, so my tablet would have juice for 3 days. Fry's daily promo included $40 off ($30 on) for a really nice one, so I bought two. Also thought it would be nice to have a 2-port USB plug for the car, and bought one for $4, but when I took the one in there out, it already was a 2-port. Things I forget. Because I only have one (retractable) USB cable plugged into it.

Before leaving for Fry's, I took the rechargeable air mattress pump out of the shed and plugged it in, and NOTHING. I left it plugged in, but added buying a replacement to my list. So after Fry's it was Sports Authority, which had air mattresses with built-in pumps, and with a pump as part of the package, but I didn't see what I was looking for at first. Came at that section from another aisle, and saw a bunch of pumps, but they were D battery, and I wanted built-in battery. Groped around and at the back of all the D's was one rechargeable. So I bought it.

Next stop was CVS, I needed Beta Carotene and Vitamin D, and all their vitamins were on a 2-fer sale. Also bought an LED flashlight for the trip, and a keychain flashlight.

Home, unwrapped all the things but I was starving so after everything which needed charging was plugged in I ate a nectarine. And made some popcorn.

Spent some time on the porch, two hummers were at the new feeder. I refilled the old one and hung it on the other side of the porch, we'll see what happens.

Looking at the FB app, two things: 1. there was a football game today, I had it set to record on Tivo but thought it was next Thursday. 2. Another theater friend died. This one I think I met on the Lyric Theatre Production from Hell, because her name is not in any of the programs I have on my PC, and for good reasons I did not scan that one. Unlike Jimmy's passing, Beth's was completely unexpected & sudden. Her husband posted that she had been feeling ill, possibly food poisoning, and when he tried to wake her from a nightmare she didn't. CPR and 911 did not help.  She was 42. Her husband is 70.

So instead of going anywhere I stayed online reading the many memorial posts, and stalling when it came to adding my own. Finally came up with something.

Turned on the football game on Tivo, while it was at about halftime IRL. That lets me FF through the commercials and replays and other bullshit. I was looking forward to seeing their interview with Jr. Seau's daughter, which they promised would be done on the sidelines after all the living gold jacket wearers had their moments, but they lied. That after wasting half a quarter beating the deflate issue dead horse. Another NFL FAIL.

Dinner was my traditional franks (on hot dog buns with Grey Pooper and sour kraut) and pasta. Dessert was blueberries, strawberries and kiwi fruit.

Neither of the pumps seem to have taken any charge. RTFM said 10 hours min, 24 max. The old one has been on for that long, the new one almost. I'll try them again in the morning, if they are both DOA I'll look for another at lunchtime tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe look for a pump
Photo meetup

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