Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

OCD Boy wishes he had a duffelbag

Last things first. Everything I have thought of to take on my trip is accounted for. There is a pile of clothing on my bed, some of which I may not need, depending on how cold it gets at night while I am stargazing, I tried to fit it in my dinosaur pack, but it doesn't fit. Probably will just stuff it in a trash bag.

Just finished answering a questionnaire from a friend who is going for an MFA in theater, and her paper is on how musical theater affects the people who are in it, and how we think it affects society. I met her when she was boinking my best friend, when he was between wives. Their claim to fame is they did It® on the People Mover at Disneyland. If I ever want to have her throw things at me, I bring that up. They have both since married other people, he has moved to the Wrong Coast. They met doing a production of Pirates, she has an incredible voice, and is quite a fine actress.

It's late because I went to a meeting of the Sunnyvale Photo Club because I entered 3 photos in their digital pix competition. Last month we did prints, and we put info about the photo on the back, and though I had written a sentence about each photo I emailed in this time, none of that made it into the contest. Crap. I won an honorable mention. Should have been two, but the judge had strange ideas about composition. Next meeting is a picnic, probably won't go to that.

Work started with the usual team meeting, but Boss was out and Boss' Boss didn't show. I got in a couple of good tips, and also got help from team leader so now I can change the feeds from the SDI router to my machine. It was getting boring watching Maleficent over and over.

Lunchtime I went to a sporting goods store called Sports Basement. I pass by it many days on my way to work, but never went in. It's tough to get to from work, easy from home. Anyhow, they had piles of the air pump, so I bought one, plus a large water bottle and a metal camp mug.

Started charging the pump at work, but 4 hours was not enough for it to turn on.

Home, the original pump which I thought was dead just needed 24 hours on the charger, so I put the latest one on its charger. The one from Sports Authority is still dead. I moved it to another outlet.

On the way back from the meeting, I topped off the gas tank. About 2 gallons (72 miles). Google says my trip tomorrow is 116 miles each way. Should be able to do that on one tank.
Plans for tomorrow:
Load up the car. I may back it into the driveway since a lot of stuff is in the shed.
Drive to Los Padres forest
Pitch a tent, inflate the air mattress in it
commence 2 nights of camping and meteor watching.

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