Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Made the extra day off all about me

Started the day driving to the denture clinic, because the new uppers don't seal properly. Whenever I call for an appointment they tell me to just come in any time, so I don't bother. Sign on the front door says the doctor is out this week. :-(

Next on the list was a mani-pedi at Rivermark Nails. Again, usually I can walk in at lunchtime and they can take me within 5 minutes, this time it was 20. But I had all day...

Part of that is I usually only have the manicure, pedicures take longer. I won't have another for a long time, maybe forever, because they tickle too much. Then across the street to Prolific Oven for lunch and a chocolate covered cream puff.

Then a 4-fer. Toys 'r' Us for a radio controlled car big enough to hold a charge for more than 3 minutes. Then the CU for cash, and Great Clips for a haircut, finally in that same shopping center, Safeway for fresh fruit.

Home, put stuff away, played with the mini RC car with Spook until the new one charged up, and then played with that one. The first one is tiny, but 20 minutes on the charger only gives 5 minutes of play time, and it sometimes just stops even when it has a charge. The new one is bigger, but still small enough for Spook to push it around. When either of them is heading her way, she jumps. When it stops for a bit, she chews the tires. The small one she can carry around. The big one not so much, but she did manage to pull it onto the sheepskin rug.

just before 7 pm, glued in my teeth, put the baritone and the music stand in the car, and drove to rehearsals. There were two parties booked into the park, so I had to park up on the street above the hall, and walk down the block and a half. Walking back up is a lot harder. It was an okay rehearsal, we have a new baritone player but I couldn't hear him. I played a lot of notes in the wrong place, the left eye problem makes it hard to see both the music and the conductor, and also makes it difficult to read ahead. I'm not that good to begin with...maybe I'll call it quits after this year. Meanwhile, six more rehearsals and 2 more concerts.

After the rehearsal I went into the park to see if there was a good view for meteor gazing, but there are too many trees in the way. Tried again at the park across University Street, but the sodium lights are too bright. Home, put the horn & stand away, and went onto the stoop for a sky view, stayed about 10 minutes, no shooting stars. There were some clouds, but the main issue, and when I think about it the same thing is true of the campsite, I can't see the horizon. My best viewing has been up at campsites where I can lie on my back and have a 180° view of the sky.

Maybe next year. Maybe next meteor shower.

Dinner was frozen sesame chicken meal, watermelon slices and some halvah.

Plans for tomorrow:



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