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Record Heat, haze, humidity

To bed way late (after 1:30 AM) listening to Lea Salonga clips on Youtube which are new to me, less than a year old, and morosing over her rendition of Too Much For One Heart which would have been my favorite number from Miss Saigon had it not been cut. Up at 8:30. Spook slept elsewhere, probably in the cat bed in the office.

Changed the bedding, put the comforter & sheets in the washer.

Watched some football, then to the movies, because it was sweltering and I wanted to see Inside Out because of good reviews. The cinema aircon was not quite up to it, only mildly uncomfortable, probably 80° by the end of the show. In the back row, fidgety and talkative children were distracting, way too late I moved to the front of the back section.

Fell asleep during some of it. The sequence when they are marooned was half an hour too long. The best part was the afterthoughts tacked on during the credits. I didn't really catch the moral of the story, because CRAPPY WRITING. They were not clear whether the girl convinces her parents to move back to Minnesota or if she deals with her sadness and stays in San Francisco. Regardless, whoever wrote this is Sick. There is nothing in Minnesota which the Bay Area doesn't have, except horrible winters.

Back in the car, the thermometer said 100° but I thought that was just from baking in the sun. However, on the freeway to Mountain View, it was still showing 98.

No room in air conditioned Starbucks, but there was a breeze by the sidewalk sittable ledges, so I read from the Kindle app while I waited for Janice, who was early for a change. I went first as she held a table for us, and it took 15 minutes to get a simple iced mocha because there were two baristas tag teaming, and getting things out of order. My drink came up after 4 others who had been behind me in line. By the time Janice went in there was no line.

We had a long chat, went home around 7:15, it was still in the high 80s. After the sun went down I watered the gardens and the hedge. Most of the seeds which had sprouted last week were gone. Fried. :-(

The two hummingbird feeders I bought at Home Despot are a FAIL. They have some funky 2-section well which doesn't seal, so all the juice leaks out in a couple of minutes. So I took down the original one which works, looked at the numbers on it and ordered 2 more via Amazon. And filled it up and hung it in the original place. I have two more spots to hang the new ones, maybe that will help with the territory wars the birds are waging.

Already have small tomatoes on one of the new plants, and the original lime tree is still blooming. The latest orchid is not just flowering, it is also giving off a fragrance which smells like someone came in and sprayed the livingroom with floral Fabreze®.

Watched the recording of the Raiders game, and it looks like they may just succeed this year. Local boy makes good new coach - Hayward high school QB phenom in his past. Saw the end of the 49ers game, they are not ready for prime time, and their coach isn't either. It's pre-season, coach, no need to look like your dog died.

Waited till it was cooler to toss the laundry in the dryer, when that was done made the bed, Spook jumped onto it just as I was tossing the comforter on it. She took a while to figure out how to get out. Or maybe she didn't want to. She does burrow under rugs.

Dinner was a beef pot pie, watermelon, toffee peanuts, a couple of dark chocolate mint squares, a mint milano cookie and maybe I'll add a nectarine later.

He says at half past midnight

Plans for tomorrow:
Seriously spare the air day, so I'll stay close to home. Need to buy something like a stanchion to put up on the end of the driveway so whichever good Samaritan who keeps bringing in my garbage cans gets the message that they don't go up on the platform which used have the storage shed. I hope Lowe's has them.
Maybe hang out at Peet's down the block
Definitely enjoy the air conditioning at home.

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