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Weird Dream Channel Saturday night (but just remembered it this morning)

We're in the social hall of the synagogue, my "baby" sister is re-marrying her husband. Apparently they didn't do it right the first time, or they didn't get married in the synagogue so wanted to do it the right way. Odd that it's in the social hall - which is set up with rows of white chairs very similar to the ones they had at their actual outdoor wedding many years ago - because the social hall is where they should be having the reception, not the wedding. Weddings are supposed to be upstairs in the sanctuary.

I'm in my tux, just sitting in a folding chair by the wall, waiting. Four or five other people whom I can't see well enough to identify are also waiting in chairs scattered around the fringes of the hall, well away and behind the neat rows of guest chairs. Every now and then my sister comes in and smiles at us, and goes back out. "Weddings are waitings" pops into my head.

This goes on for a long time, and the dream just fades away. I never see the groom, or the parents, or the other siblings, or anyone else I recognize.

This dream is very close to the truth - my youngest sister was not married in a sanctuary because she and her husband are different religions. Also my father boycotted the wedding, I gave the bride away. He has since come around to accepting the marriage and his son-in-law, and I expect if the happy couple wanted to get re-married in a synagogue instead of outdoors at in the hotel where Twin Peaks was filmed, it could happen.

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