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Unrequited obsession

Interesting weekly team meeting this morning, Boss spent a lot of time pointing out that the current timeline for the next product is bent.

We're supposed to test the untested test cases, but they are all owned by other people, and so far I have been unable to find any which can be done on my under-powered machine.

Lunchtime I stayed in, had cup-o-noodles in the break room as many people played pool & ping pong. It was very hot & hazy outside. It took more than a year, but we now have a working air conditioning plant.

Late afternoon I sat in on a demo of a video analyzer which is amazing in two ways. The good way is it does analyses which we have been needing, such as comparing closed captioning to what was actually spoken, but more importantly matching the text input to the output. The other amazing was not so good - it is amazing that such a useful tool has such an ugly user interface. And no real API.

A theater friend posted that she needed a photographer and a porta-potty to be in an ad for a web site. I volunteered to do the photo, and suggested a mutual friend can help us, who is a dispatcher for a porta potty rental place. I'm sure he can point us to a customer who will let us use their site. Or maybe a park, which would be even better. Plan is for shooting Saturday. 

After work was the search for a cassette tape player. Goodwill had nothing, Radio shack across the street had nothing, Fry's had a couple of boom boxes but they did not have outputs, just speakers. There was a combination turntable/cassette player with USB out, but it cost more than the deck I ordered on eBay, and the turntable doesn't do 78s. But I may go back and get one if the eBay machine is a FAIL. I did buy a memorex walkman wanna be, but when I got it home and put a tape in, it was clearly a piece of junk, and played the tape double speed on one side, and not at all the other side. Not worth taking back.

The more I post on FB, the more I have to read. LJ not so much.

Dinner was lasagna, watermelon for dessert. And I whipped up some caramel walnuts to munch on sparingly.

So sad to hear about the terrorist bomb in Bangkok which killed about 20 and injured almost 100. In front of the Erewan statue, which started out as a PR thing for the 12-star Erewan Hotel in the 70s, but has become a major tourist magnet, for both foreign and Thais. From the photos I've seen, the statue is unharmed, but the wrought iron fence around it is twisted and some gold elephant statues are now gold & black.

Plans for tomorrow:
Leave at 5:30 for a seminar at the CU down the block.

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