Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Early to rise, nice 113 hgl level, 15 minutes early to work. Tried to finish a project from yesterday but the machine crashed. Had to delete the database and revert to the previous release.

2 pm meeting, so I went to nearby Carl's for lunch. Team leader showed the new stuff in the new product which we need to write test cases for. I volunteered for one which will need a lot of cutting and pasting.

Finished the project, confirmed that instead of having 30 unique programs on 30 feeds, we have 4 of the same program in a row, then 4 of the same next program, and so on. With one unique feed. So out of 30 feeds there are only about 7 unique programs. Four TBS, four CBS, four Encore, etc.

Online I found a well-reviewed unit which can play all my vinyl, 78s, and cassettes into a USB output.

Left at 5:30 to attend an estate planning presentation at the credit union, which is two blocks from the office. It started out okay, presented by a junior lawyer from a firm across the street. After about two slides, she answered a question from the audience, which turned into 20 minutes of Q&A. Finally went back to the slides, two more of those and another 20 minutes of Q&A until someone raised her hand and suggested she finish the program. Which she did.

In short, 3 minutes of useful to me information packed into 2 hours.

One of the useful bits was to avoid her law office.

Home, Spook was very vocal, for no apparent reason.

Delivered was a pair of hummingbird feeders, this time the right kind, but with a nice upgrade - a widemouth opening so I don't need a funnel. The one which was hanging outside was empty, so I filled all three and hung them outside. Two have red food coloring, one is clear, all have the same water:sugar mix. I will bet real cash dollars that the clear one will last the longest. I'm hoping that having 3 will lower the amount of territorial foo, so all the birds get fed.

Now I have 3 higher-capacity feeders to go to Goodwill.

Plans for tomorrow:
Big men's clothier near Satanic Row to maybe get a white suit for the wedding.
Men's Wearhouse if that is a FAIL

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