Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


The first time I kissed her, she fainted.

She had a crush on me for many months, I was leaving town, it was after a high school football game, in the snow, she was a student, I was the newspaper reporter. She asked for a goodbye kiss.

Three years later she was in the Army, based on Germany. I visited her, and even though she had a boyfriend, she invited me to sleep with her.

It was weird. She talked about what her vagina was feeling, in the third person. "She likes that...she wants more..." and so on. It was probably the worst sex I ever had.

For the rest of my stay she found me a room nearby.

She and her Army buddies (all men) took me to the VFW hall or something like it, got me drunk on German beer & ouzo. Never been truly drunk before or since.

We never lost touch. She's a Facebook friend. She lives in Spokane, has a computer education business for seniors. And she is so born again...and she still has a crush on me, but her religion keeps me safe.

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