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You win some, you win some

Spook decided to spend last night elsewhere, probably in the guest room. She had slipped in there when I returned some CDs to the rack which had been on the bedroom floor for months, and would not come out when I called.

Got to work a little early, so did not see the donuts. Whoever brought them put them out after I was at my desk. But I did get one, such as it was. Krispy Kreme doesn't make real donuts, they make sugared air.

Spent the morning trying to reproduce the crash from yesterday, and got it to crash once but not in the infinite loop I was shooting for.

Yesterday I volunteered to write test cases for a new feature, which is actually in the build I have on the machine. There are a lot of related test cases which were written for the previous generation machine, but looking at them it was clear it would be better to look at the new machine's specs and use them. We just got a new rendition of the specs, so I opened it up and looked, and lo and behold, it said the feature was being pulled from this version, and there was zero information on it. Told team leader about this, he looked at the latest marketing plan, and sure enough, it as been nuked from there too.

Lunch was at Sizzler. I only went for seconds, no ice cream.

After work I took the non-expressway route to Satanic Row, to a new to me Big & Tall store called DXL. They had exactly the white linen jacket and pants I was looking for. It cost about twice what I was planning on, but they will do alterations, which I can't get if I buy online. Did not buy the vest, that I can get online (and ordered when I got home) and they don't need alterations. Somewhere I think I have white suspenders. And I'm trying to remember what I did with the white Col. Sanders hat.

localinactivist's wedding is in Eastern Oregon Labor Day weekend, I expect it to be hot, maybe tropical. Hence the tropical suit. But also, the last wedding I went to, in England, I wore the costume. But before that, I wore it to a con. That's Radar on the right and Laura on the left.

I probably won't wear a tie.

Anyhow, they said the suit would be ready in a week, next Wednesday (because I said no to Thursday, I have a band rehearsal).

Home, spent some time on the porch watching 4 or 5 hummers fighting over the feeders. Having 3 feeders did not make much of a difference, one of the birds has decided he is the feeder police. He hovers between them, and chases away anyone who tries to drink from one. He may also perch on the fuchsia and stand guard. I have half a mind to get a net and grab him.

Dinner was beef pot pie, nectarine and watermelon for dessert. And some nibbles from the slab of caramel walnuts.

Delivered was something I won at an online auction fund raiser for Classics In Color theater back east, one of the founders is a friend from TheatreWorks in the 80s, when she was a school child. Amazing actress, she does combat and swordplay roles, teaches math for $$.

Plans for tomorrow:
YOTB rehearsal

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