Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Admiral Nelson would have been proud

Last thing first. Delivered was this gem:

Hidden on the right side is a cassette player. As I write, the tape of my production of Beyond The Fringe is being MP3ed onto a USB drive. Slightly disappointed because the ad implied that the unit would record the tape directly to a PC via USB, but no, it needs a USB drive or an SD card, and it encodes the audio into low bitrate MP3.

It also has standard RCA line out connectors in back, so some other time I may hook those up to the PC audio card and re-record in higher fidelity wav files.

It also can process vinyl and clay (78s are not made of vinyl) the same way.

The joke goes like this:
Admiral Nelson is on the deck of his warship. From the crow's nest comes a warning that a Spanish warship approaching. Nelson calls to the cabin boy, "Boy, fetch my red coat", and he tells his First Mate "in case I am shot, the red coat will hide the blood and hide it from the Spanish captain"
Soon, the crow's nest yells that the whole Spanish Armada is approaching. Nelson calls to the cabin boy, "Boy, fetch my brown pants!" 

Work was busy today, I filed a bug at the team leader's request which was a funny one. Originally, the new product spec called for a feature which did some magic with some of the metadata of an ATSC video stream. ATSC is the HD signal your TV receives off the air (from an antenna, not from cable or satellite. Unless they pass it through from an antenna feed.) The feature is in the user interface, and my job Monday was to write the test cases for it. But they changed the spec, and removed this feature. So the bug was filed to say "hey, this thing was removed from the spec, what's it doing still in the software?" One of two things may happen. Either they will put it back into the spec, or they will remove it from the user interface.

Also found a bug which crashed the machine for about 3 minutes at a time. NDA says I must say more more about that.

Lunch was late because I was writing that second bug, and I went to KFC. Ate too much too quickly, and when I got back to work my colon went into 2nd gear. Just as I was getting set to go home, there was a detour to "check the plumbing" but I still felt a little iffy on the drive home. Took another rest stop at home, then loaded the horn & music stand into the car a little early so I could stop off for gas (the trip meter showed over 400 miles since the last fill up). As I was getting out of the car at the gas station, there was some wetness, and I suspected I might need the Admiral's pants.

So after fueling (the car only took 9 gallons, I could have waited till the weekend) I went back home, and sure enough, clothing had to be changed, after one more time on the throne.

Got to rehearsals half an hour late, as they were finishing selections from The Phantom of the Opera. Not a huge issue because I sit on the end of the row nearest the door. And there was still an hour of rehearsal. We played a lot of stuff, mostly not-high notes, so my lip was happy. August's concert looks like it will be heavy on musicals. We also did Sound of Music and Grease. And we tried Wizard of Oz but it's a sucky arrangement and he stopped about 2/3 of the way through, not looking very happy. Also played Yakety Sax, a waltz by Rachmaninoff, and a couple of marches.

Home, dinner was a tiny frozen thing peanut sauce chicken and noodles. Watermelon for dessert. Tomorrow it will be mango, they look ripe.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe shop online for a Windows 10 laptop.

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