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Calendar FAIL

  • Tonight was my Credit Union's member appreciation party at the San Jose Giants baseball game. I thought it was Sunday. And also tonight was my favorite community theater conductor leading a big orchestra playing show tunes in honor of Hillbarn Theater (Foster City) in an outdoor concert. I thought that was tomorrow.

    Boo hoo. I seriously wanted to go to both of those. :-(

    Plan A was to do a photo shoot with a theater friend who was invited to pose in full Elizabethan costume for an ad for this fine feminine convenience product: clicky

    But she had to cancel, because her dad, who coincidentally was a pro photographer before his heart attack, needed her. I met him at a birthday party a few years ago, liked him a lot, but I guess he has become a PIA to his daughter.

    So the weekend's only plans now are coffee with Janice Sunday afternoon.

    Work was light, about the only useful thing I did was demonstrate how to duplicate the machine crash bug I filed, for the engineer who is debugging it. The last time I worked on something with her was the first week she was hired, which happened to be the week I was laid off. For those of you who tuned in late, I was re-hired 4 years ago, after 3+ years of class struggle. Engineers' Lives Matter.

    Lunch was at Boston Market, decided to try something different, and discovered the meat loaf is to real meatloaf as pressboard is to knotty pine. Tasty enough, but no texture. For a change there was eye candy. Usually by the time I arrive the only people eating are the staff, and they are hired for their total lack of attractiveness.

    Straight home from work, though there was something on my list at Lowe's, but it wasn't important.

    Had time at work to shop online for a Windows10 laptop. The list of requirements was short, but turned out to be hard to find:
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Intel i5 or i7 CPU
  • Webcam
  • SATA SSD, micro preferred
    • Size doesn't matter, I will replace it with the 1TB mSSD  in my current laptop
  • Ultralight (no DVD drive)
  • No detachable keyboard
  • Bluetooth, and AC wifi support
  • Windows 10 fully supported

The first item was the real showstopper. I hate memorizing passwords, and they are too easy to crack. And Windows 10 sucks lemons for login security. My current laptop, which I otherwise love, doesn't support the fingerprint sensor for logging into Windows 10, and there are probably other things as well. In fact, Toshiba has stopped making laptops with fingerprint sensors. 

My next choice was HP, but all their laptops which come close have AMD processors.

Sony sold off Vaio, and the new company is not selling anything outside of Japan until the end of the year.

Dell doesn't do fingerprint sensors, nor does Gateway. Heck, I don't think Gateway even makes a laptop anymore.

Asus and Acer I didn't look at, I don't like the Asus keyboard or the Acer overall lack of quality.

I don't like the clunky Thinkpad I have at work, but found what I was looking for on Lenovo's web site. And ordered one. Unfortunately it won't get here until September 9, at the earliest.

When I placed the order, Discover immediately texted me - like in 5 seconds, before the Lenovo page said the transaction had failed - to tell me my card was now blocked, unless I answered "Y" to the text. Which I did. And immediately got another text saying I was good to go. But I did have to check the "i agree" box and click on "order" again.

Watched the Seahawks/Chiefs game on Tivo. Pre-season announcers are idiots. Loud idiots. Pre-season directors don't care about the game, doing sideline nd booth interviews while plays are being executed out of sight on the field. Lots of camera mistakes - out of focus, not always following the ball, only showing the cheerleaders from the waist up, and usually the not-well-endowed ones. Yes, I'm joking about caring about that.

It was painful to watch, in large part because the NFL used the local Kansas City broadcasters, but also because the Seahawks still don't have it together. It was nice to see Smith, being ineffective again in a red uniform.

Plans for tomorrow:
No plans
Probably should take the camera somewhere.
Maybe Pacifica


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