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Found What I Wasn't looking for

Two errands, then a photo trip was what I had in mind. Told my GPS to find the nearest UPS store, after loading the RMA for Amazon in the car, along with my camera bag, and a big bag o stuff for Goodwill. Turns out the GPS took me to the 3rd nearest UPS store, and Goodwill was along the way.

Then I punched in the address on Pacific Highway for an orchid greenhouse which has been recommended to me, which took me from 101 north to 380 west to 280 north  to Hwy 1 southbound. It was mostly a parking lot on Hwy 1, which was good because I was looking for a shop right on the highway on the right. When I got to the spot the GPS said, it was a dead end 100 feet in, a tiny coastal access parking lot. Not what I was looking for. Kept going south, figuring if I didn't find it, I could stop off in HMB for a snack and go home via 92.

Hwy 1 at the point I thought most likely to be the orchid shop was under destruction, and there was no way to exit the highway at that point. So I continued on. Lots of people Driving While Stupid, including some jerk who thought tailgating me was the answer to my not leaving space for her ahead of me when there already was an SUV merging there. After a few miles I pulled off at a viewpoint and took some photos.

Got to HMB, my favorite little shopping plaza, Starbucks was crowded with eye candy, and people lined up for the restroom.

Got a mocha and a croissant, sat down outside but it was too cold & windy, went inside & read from the kindle app.

Took 92 back towards home, saw a huge ORCHID SALE sign along the way, and pulled off the road. There was a block-long row of plant places. The orchid place was mostly crammed with the kind I don't like. I asked about cattleyas, and she said no one grows them in CA anymore, everyone had gotten greedy and are only growing the varieties which flower quickly. She said she had a few Miltonias, but the nice one (aka purple like the two I have) was fried, and all she had left were a couple of yellow ones. I bought one. It was sending out lots of perfume.

Next door was carnivorous plants, a place called World's Rare Plants, run by a charming couple a little older than me. They have a lot of fun displays, they sell miniature garden adornments. Lots and lots of pitcher plants, fly traps, tube traps. I bought two fly trap plants, which are now on the piano along with my Little Shop of Horrors souvenirs.

Next to that was a succulents place, all kinds of cacti, but the prices looked a bit high. And a lot of touristy Mexican colored pots.

There was also a hydroponics store, showing off some rows of very nice butter lettuce. The last open store was deserted, lots of saplings, nothing of interest to me except in the back of the store was a dressmaker's model with wooden arms. Very old. And an old stove.

Slow drive home on 92, more crazy motorists on 280.

Home, put the plants in their places, and saw a note on the front door that Fedex left a package at the side door. But to me that's the carport door, and there was no package there. They put it at the kitchen door, which is also a front door.

And it was the cassette deck from eBay.

Set that up, it took a while to figure out how to rewind and FF. Very nice deck, and I successfully recorded the tape I'd bought it for. And then when I flipped it to the other side, which had one song I also wanted, the tape got wrapped around the guide pin, and afgter I untangled everything the "play" didn't. But there are two cassette units on this deck, so I put the tape in #2 and was able to pull the three tunes off of it which I did not have any other source for. The mangled section of the tape I have the CD.

So now I have Beyond The Fringe,  which I directed and starred in during college, on wav. And can make a CD. One of the actors in it is a Facebook friend via his wife, whom he met in the next play I directed. Listening to the tape, it is clear why the cast outnumbered the audience most performances.

On the flip side, there were three Hebrew patriotic tunes, I like the songs for the lyrics' poetry and the music, though one I'm not too keen on the message. Yerushalayim Shel Zahav (Jerusalem of Gold) is one of the most recorded Israeli songs of all time, but my Israeli sister tells me having the composer singing it is rare. Which is interesting, because my recording is from one of her LPs. Sharm El Sheikh is a militant tune extolling the bravery and power of the Israeli armed forces attack on that Arab-held beach head. Machar (Tomorrow) is a wistful song about how tomorrow everything will be better. And if not tomorrow, then the day after. And if not the day after, then some indeterminate plural of the day after tomorrow. It's a popular folkdance as well.

Tomorrow perhaps we will set sail
From the shores of Eilat to the Ivory Coast
And on the old destroyers
Oranges will be loaded.

All this is not a yarn and not a dream
It is true as the light of noon
All this will come tomorrow, if not today
And if not tomorrow, then the day after.

Tomorrow a thousand buildings will rise
And a song will hover on the terraces
And a blaze of anemones and tulips
Will burst from amongst the ruins.

Tomorrow perhaps in all the paths
A lion will lead a flock of sheep
Tomorrow a thousand clappers will bleat
In the many bells of holiday.
Tomorrow when soldiers take off uniforms
Attending to other things
Then each man will use his own two hands
To build that of which he dreamed today.

All this is not a yarn and not a dream
It is true as the light of noon
All this will come tomorrow, if not today
And if not tomorrow,
And if not until tomorrow
And if not until tomorrow
Then until many tomorrows

Dinner was chicken and mixed veggies, dessert was a mango and a kiwi fruit.

I watched some of the San Diego-Arizona game, and put the final quarter of the Raiders game on record for later.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe go to Roaring Camp for the Mountain Men gathering, and a steam engine ride through the woods.
Coffee with Janice at 4:30.

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