Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Nothing to see here

Got nothing done today. Woke up too late for any of my plans.

Okay, so I went to Safeway and bought food for next week.
And Home Depot to get a stake and some string
And moved a pot to the right side of the driveway
Put the stake in it
Strung 4 loops of string between it and the stake in the pot on the left side of the carport
Hung the "don't put the garbage can here" sign on the string halfway across

Went to MV and had a coffee chat with Janice, who was half an hour late but did not say why.

Home, watched some TV, saw the 49ers defense win a ball game (just the highlights).

Found a few more cassette tapes which may need digitizing. The one I am listening to now sounds like the soundtrack from Charley. There is also some Balkan pan pipe music.

Looked through my scrapbook of Omak Chronicle articles, and did not find the one with the Russian smokejumper. Looked again after dinner. Nope. I haz a sad. Because the only way to search would be to go to Seattle or maybe Olympia and hit the microfilm library, because the newspaper doesn't keep archives that far back (sometime in late 1974). Strange but true, the only person still at the paper from when I worked there is the typesetter, who would probably have remembered. But she must be in her 90s by now. She was the oldest one on staff when I worked there. Lovely woman, superb landscape photographer. OMG she was 93 in 2011!

And the backup which started at 6:30 am is still running. It was supposed to be incremental this week, but obviously not. Have to leave the machine on all night. :-(

Dinner was some scalloped potatoes a la Marie Callendar, with some pieces of pastrami, and a few mini egg rolls. Dessert was a mango. Whole. Fresh. Very large. Yum!

Plans for tomorrow:
BASFA, probably



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