Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Hat search continues

Went in search of a white plantation hat (aka Col. Sanders hat). Started at the western store in SJ, and while he had tons of white cowboy hats in the right material, no wide brim fedoras. "We only have cowboy™ here".

Punched in the nearest Strarbucks, because it had been a LONG drive to SJ, and it brought me to Valley Fair Mall. Okay, hats may be there.

Close, but not quite. Macy's no longer has men's stuff. I hit about a dozen stores which had similar items, staw hats seem to be a thing in women's fashion at the moment. Lids had white fedoras, but more the Frank Sinatra narrow brim type. Everyone else's were straw color or some non-white part of the spectrum.

Home, dinner was in shifts. Cole slaw. Corn on the quarter-cob. And again. Fried chicken thigh. All with coconut water. Nectarine and watermelon for dessert.

Printing a Miss Cleo poster for work.

Paid for two copies of sync2, which has been great for syncing my Outlook exchange calendar at work with my Google calendar, with my Outlook personal calendar at home. 

Printed my rent check yesterday. I also pay utilities on that bill, and aircon has cost about $100 during the heat wave, but watering the plants only went up $2. I newed to go back to a normal sized garbage can, I had gotten a bigger one when I was using the litter box with the cartridges, which did not fit into the normal can. I may need to ask about a green can for garden scraps, because I'll be trimming the hedges as soon as it gets cool enough.

Work today, got my machine back, engineer found the cause of the issue. Tomorrow I need to start writing test cases for something called PSIP.

Plans for tomorrow:
Pick up white suit from DXL


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