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Humps did not occur

Despite it being Wednesday, things were pretty smooth today. Except for getting up at 7:30 to put in eyedrops & turn off the alarm, and then the next thing I knew it was 8:09 and I was waking up again.

Work was mostly research, I needed to learn all about something called PSIP, including what it was an abbreviation for. In a nutshell, it's the protocol for broadcast HD TV signals to insert program information into the video stream. This includes not just the time, but if the service area has daylight savings time, when that starts and ends and how many minutes from Standard time it is. For places like AZ and N. Korea. And up to 16 days of program data.

In the background I am listening to the 1974 cassette recording of Camelot at the Lewis & Clark Theater, Astoria, OR in which I played Arthur. It is clear that Guenevere's voice was not quite up to the task. A pretty voice, but not enough diaphragm support on the high notes. She had the range, but not the training. And I have to say I was happy when she dumped me for Lancelot (who was a gem, and from whom I took a Greek cooking class at the local CC).

The recording sucks. It was done with a hand-held mike on a Radio shack portable player, from the balcony, by someone who couldn't sit still, or keep the mike from bumping things.

1-on-1 with Boss, we're kind of in limbo until we get the final engineering schedule.

Lunch was at Sizzler. They have changed the source for their fried chicken wings/drumsticks which are part of the salad bar (along with meatballs, taco shells, refried beans, undercooked pasta and the world's worst marinara).  I don't like the change - they are breaded instead of battered, and too spicy. And smaller. And overcooked.

After work it was time to pick up my wedding suit from DXL. Lots of traffic, and I got there just in time for only one employee to be on duty (they have 4) and she was helping a guy who took forever to decide how he wanted it shipped, and what plastic to use, and a dozen other inane things. Finally got my suit, tried it on. The jacket is fine (they took in the cuffs) the pants were still an inch too long, but I wasn't about to wait another week for them to fix it so I told them it all fit fine.

From there to Valco mall, where I hoped JC Penney or one of the other shops had a white wide-brimmed fedora. Well, JCP had hats 40% off, and they had the style I wanted but in brown and in tan. In the women's department they had white, but the wrong material.

Walking from JCP down the hall was like being in a ghost town. Construction on an extension stalled after the cinemaplex was finished, the food court only has 4 active places to eat, including Burger King and Subway.

There were hats at one boutique, but not white. Sears had no hats at all, and a 50% off going out of business sale. JCP had a sign on all the doors saying they would be open through the end of the year. I was sweating by the time I got back to JCP, the rest of the mall was 10° warmer, saving $$.

Home, Spook yelled at me a lot for no reason. Topped up her treat dish anyhow. And her water.

Updated my notebook doc with the details for the Bend trip. Flights, rental car, hotel, wedding site. Earlier in the day I messaged my friend in Bend, she said it was still smoky but the fires were getting handled and it has been clearing up. Should be fine for the 6th.

Dinner was sloppy joe on wheat bread. Dessert was going to be watermelon, but it had been frozen and then thawed. Melted completely, had to toss it. But I have more in the freezer, and I like frozen melon.

Plans for tomorrow:
Boss' boss' meeting
Band rehearsal (concert on Sunday) 

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