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Late again. Or maybe it's early

almost 1 am. But for a good reason. I was out of $1 bills, which meant I had to scavenge from the emergency roll of quarters in the car in order to buy sodas from the work machine. Yeah, it has a credit card gadget, but it's wireless, and the building is full of RF experts and high level programmers, so no thanks. So I went to the strip club where a $20 bill gets you 20 $1 bills. And a lot of eye candy.

And a lot of eye strain, because the genius who designed the stage lighting used halogen track lights which are intense and aimed to blind you. I found a seat after a while which was not always in the glare. Anyhow I bought $40 in singles, and after tipping the dancers came away with 18.

Not much to do at work except more research.

Wednesday, Automation Guy was on his phone almost constantly, arguing about something which was not work related. The story is this: technically he is homeless. He sold his house before finding a new one to buy. He leaves work an hour early, in a huge rush, head ducked, not wanting to be noticed.
Thursday, he hits me up for $10,000, which he needs right away. Which I don't have because all my ready cash went into my house, and all my savings are in my 401k and IRA and mutual funds, all of which take some time to cash out.

Not that I would loan that kind of money to a friend. It's the road to not being friends anymore.

And then the rest of the story comes out. His wife wants this one house, and they were ready to go into escrow when the appraisal came in $10k less than the selling price. The bank wants that $10k from Automation Guy. The seller wants all the $$ right this instant.

I told AG that he needs to walk away from this deal. Something is wrong with the house, and the seller knows it, which is why the seller wants a quick sale. And it's insane to buy a house when you will immediately be underwater.

Today he has calmed down. It sounds like his agent has told him what I told him, and he is now looking for another house. But meantime, he has sold the one he has been living in. 

Normally I would also have mentioned that the project we are working on is not going according to schedule, and it's really not a good time to be buying a house, but unlike me, he has wide and deep skills which are very much in demand, and he can find another job quickly.

Lunchtime I snagged a bagel and a muffin, added some string cheese and American cheese to the bagel and microwaved it (raisin bagel) and ate in the break room, reading on the Kindle app. Mark Twain's Roughing It which was free, and far more readable than most of the current sci-fi for free, which turns out to be YA with an adult fiction cover. It was close to 90° out, hazy, so I decided to spare the air.

Chatted a bit with team leader, and did some more research on a feature which may or may not be in the new product.

Home instead of Starbucks, because it would be packed, and their wi-fi is overloaded, and I wanted to be in air conditioning and a fast wi-fi to do regular updates on my laptop and run a couple of virus & spamware scans.

Logged into the Lenovo forum, and left a question whether the 1TB mSATA drive I had put into my Toshiba would work in the Lenovo (which is scheduled to be delivered Wednesday). Got an answer - no. They are different architectures, and sizes. And the kind in the Lenovo only has 500GB drives max available. So I ordered one on Amazon, since Lenovo does not seem to sell them direct, and it was $25 less than on the manufacturer's site (Samsung).

Which means when I sell the Toshiba, it will be with the big hard drive.

Delivered today were some meds from Kaiser, and a "travel adapter" for the Lenovo. Not what I saw on the page, but still useful. I thought I was getting a travel sized AC adapter, but what they sent was a travel sized 12V car/airplane adapter. Come to think of it, I probably won't use it. Should return it and order a generic AC adapter on Amazon.

In other techie news, I took the Garmin with me to work, and it reminded me how much I miss the Garmin maps. The piece of crap they put in the Prius is mostly unreadable, but it has better voices. I paired it with my phone (which will be handy on the trip) and then diasbled Bluetooth so it doesn't override the better connection in the Prius.

On the second load of laundry. I have too many Hawaiian shirts.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop off the rent check
maybe drive out to the ocean. Maybe look for that orchid place in Pacifica again, now that I know where it really is.

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