Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Move Along, nothing to see here

Total nothing day. Too hot & hazy to justify driving anywhere.
Slept till 11 because Spook woke me up at 2:45 am wanting to play ball on the bed. I threw the ball down the hall, she returned with the remains of a toy mouse. Threw that and she attacked my toes.

Shopped online, watched some youtubes in bed. Finally up and dressed at the crack of 3 pm

Dropped off the rent check. Manager confirmed that if I added a shed to my driveway it would have to be painted to match the house. :-(

Watched some football. Facebooked. Amazoned. Livejournal - read all my friends' posts instead of just my favorites. Some extremely bad news among those. And a reaffirmation of why I rarely read those posts. 96% or more of my LJ friends list have migrated elsewhere. I had a Dreamwidth account until they started charging for it. At that time it was still two dropouts and a special needs student writing the code (or so it appeared to this outsider) so the concept of sending them $$ was not acceptable.

Since Lenovo's support pages are useless, I posted my question about which SSD to buy for the upcoming laptop, and quickly received a succinct, detailed response from another forum member. Which was followed in a few hours by the same answer worded differently. So that's on order.

Did the Werther's Caramel experiment, part 1. The raw sugar recipe made the caramel walnuts too hard. So I melted 2 cups of Werther's soft caramels (it took 10 minutes to unwrap them all) and stirred in the nuts. They look excellent, especially now that they are chopped into squares. But they are too chewy, and stick to my dentures. Maybe I'll bring them to work Monday.

Using Audacity to record from cassettes, and experienced a kind of a FAIL. it does not appear possible to delete a section of audio while the recording is on pause, and if I stop recording, instead of the app continuing from where it was stopped, it erases what had been recorded and starts over again. :-(

And an accident. Rewinding one of my oldest tapes, it came detached from the reel. So I have some empty shells on order so I can resurrect the tape. I won't bother to open it up and re-attach on the existing unit because the piece which holds the tape against the head is almost completely disintegrated.

Watched the Seahawks steal a game from the Chargers. Horrible playing for the most part. And kind of shabby referee-ing. Had to mute the audio because the commentators were all about themselves. And I have a few wants for these broadcasts:
I want:
1. Silence from the booth when there is nothing worth saying about the game at hand
2. To hear every referee verbal call (don't talk over him)
3. Sideline interviews only when there is no play on the field
4. Complete cheerleader coverage. The excuse that cheerleaders are a perk of going to the game is bull - because from the stands they look like ants.
5. No replays from other games except during the halftime reports
6. No replays from earlier in the game (the ones showing the same player in 4 or 5 earlier plays) - it's confusing
7. A limit of two replays of a play (one from each side) unless it is a play being challenged, and in that case maybe two more.
8. More cheerleader coverage
9. No close-ups of players or coaches spitting
10. No on-screen time for the booth announcers unless there is a guy in a gold jacket in there being interviewed

Sat out on the porch, and was astonished at how dried out the lime tree pots had become. So I watered them. Both are showing a lot of new growth, the oldest one has about a dozen tiny limes starting.

Like I said, nothing to see here. I am now 15 minutes past when I wanted to go to sleep, and I still need to take drugs.

Plans for tomorrow:

1:30 concert in the park. Load up the car by noon.
Re-record what Audacity ate. Use Goldwave(?)


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