Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Meh Day

It was not a very good concert for me. I kept losing my place, missing time signature and key changes, and even forgot what note an A-sharp really is. Which means in real terms, I forgot what the fingering is for an A-sharp, which is silly because it's 1st valve only, because it's really a B-flat.

We only played two pieces with any significant high notes, but I credit my new mouthpiece for being able to consistently hit those, even the ones in the last piece of the day.

There was a huge WTF. Four professional video cameras were on the hill pointed at us, plus one behind me and a mike, with another mike parallel on the other side of the band. Turns out they were really there for our halftime event, which was a surprise to all of us. The program said we would be playing a tune which was written by the late father of one of our biggest donors. It had been re-written to include a violin part, and a very competent violinist was going to join us.

Well not really us, the piece was arranged for 7 pieces, and the mini-band had performed it at least twice in the past 2 years. But instead of doing what we had in the past, just having the mini-band play in place, the video folks had us clear all the chairs and stands away, and set up the mini-band + violinist on the platform which usually holds the drums, trumpets & tubas.

This took about 20 minutes. Maybe more.

IMHO, the piece is only worth its sentimental value, and only for the son of the composer who funded this whole shebang.

After the mini-band, it took another 15 minutes to put all the chairs and stands and people back in place.

The audience was huge. An there was a children's birthday party which made the mistake of setting up at the nearest picnic table and on part of the hill which is usually audience territory. But they were well-behaved and appreciated us playing "Happy Birthday".

After the concert, Plan A was to go to Starbucks and play on the laptop, but it was hot and I was in long pants, so Plan B became go home first, and then to Starbucks or the local Peet's. But as I drove down the hill to MV, I figured I should buy a pair of black dress shorts for next month's concert, and Walmart is nearby and they usually have my size.

Strange but true, they did not have any shorts on sale except for athletic ones. But dress pants were on sale, so I bought a pair, and it will become shorts soon. Also bought some dress white socks for the wedding, and a frying pan to replace the one which dishwasher has made into a non-non-stick pan. And a big Adams peanut butter, which was on sale. Checked the ingredients on Jif and Skippy "natural" PNB, and they lie. The first ingredient is sugar. Someone needs to sue them.

While I was at it, strawberry sugar free preserves and a pair of avocados.

Home, changed clothes, got lazy & watched yesterday's 49ers game on FF while playing with Spook with the RC electric race car.

7:30, still had not eaten since breakfast. Decided to try the new Mongolian BBQ place the other side of Lawrence. Very surprised to see the huge Pho place dark. And what had been my favorite Chinese place is now a noodles place. And closed. MBBQ was open, there were a few customers but plenty of empty tables. The toppings were about half of what the other two places in the area offer, and only one guy at the pit, who looked like he would rather be anywhere else. Nutshell review: Meh.

Home, Acronis backup was 98% done (it started at 6:30 am) which is really not bad for 1.9GB 2.5GB. Done now. So now I can nuke the slow, lame Windows backup.

Delivered while I was waiting to go to the concert: the 500GB SSD. Amazon does Sunday 1-day deliveries for some items. All I need now is the laptop to install it in.

Tummy has been unkind all evening, which was why I decided to go to MBBQ - lots of carbs. On my way to the fridge to get a refill of ginger ale, I dropped the glass. This is a HEAVY thick piece of equipment, but it shattered. Spook watched as I swept up. 

Plans for tomorrow:
7 pm talk at the library on the history of Moffett Field

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