Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Okay, I'm back.

And later than I wanted to be because the incompetents at UPS who made me come home early to wait for a delivery between 3 and 7 did not show up until I was halfway through dinner at 8:30.  Even at 7, there would have been time to set up the laptop and still write my journal entry by 10.

Last things first. Windows 10 is a FAIL. even though it supports the fingerprint scanner, it does not support it unless you (a) create a PIN instead of a password, and share both the PIN and the fingerprint data with Microsoft.

The good news is after changing the BIOS settings I got it to boot from the Acronis boot disk on the USB CD drive, which has a disk clone utility.

Which I won't need because I am sending the laptop back, as well as the 500GB SSD and the to-be-delivered-tomorrow SSD/USB adapters.

Very sad. But at least the Toshiba laptop works fine on Windows 7. And has a 1TB SSD.

So, Monday. Got to work super-early,  did some work, chatted some, spent too much time WTF-ing about the UPS tracker which showed my laptop had shipped from Taiwan to Alaska, then to Kentucky, and yet was supposed to arrive here the next day. 

Lunch was at Starbuacks, because I had been munching on nuts all morning and was not very hungry. Iced tea & a slice of the world's most overpriced banana nut bread. And a veritable convoy of hot women in form-fitting pants. Plus a tall blonde woman with an incredible pair of legs sitting in the one armchair which faced the center of the store. She got up a few times for refills, and the only thing which kept me from falling in love was the Apple laptop and the very large diamond ring.

So I did not read as many pages of Mark Twain's Roughing It as I might have.

And I have to say, after reading free Kindle YA sci-fi for a few weeks, Twain is a huge improvement. I'm surprised at how much of his slang is still used today, and that the archaic things are easily translated. There's an LOL in every chapter, often more, such as this gem:

Chloroform in print. Love it! Will be using it at BASFA or maybe the next con. It might make a nice ribbon.

After work I drove straight to Sunnyvale Library for a 7 pm talk, which got me there at 6:30 but they never open the doors to the meeting room until a quarter till. Played on the laptop until it was time, and at 6:55 there were only 6 of us in the audience. The speaker commented that it was a pretty poor showing, considering there were no major league sports going on. But as usual in the Bay Area, 2/3 of the place was full at start time, and the speaker started on time, but it was 10 more minutes before the room was full. This happens all the time around here, everyone shows up at curtain time.

It was a teriffic presentation. 79-year-old retired Navy aviator Capt. John Mascali  from the Moffett Field Historical Society Museum, gave a very in-depth presentation on the history of Moffett Field, going back as far as the invention of the Zeppelin, building up to the creation of a fleet at what was originally Sunnyvale Air Base. John is energetic, knew his stuff, and didn't really need the mike. There was a treasure trove of historical photos, including one of General Ferdinand Adolf Heinrich August Graf von Zeppelin, and also Admiral Moffett, who was killed, ironically, in a crash of the first US Navy zeppelin days before Sunnyvale Air Base was opened. They named the field after him, at first, but not the base.

Lots of photos of the building of Hangar One, as well as of all the aircraft which the Navy and Army had flown out of the base.

And an ariel shot which he used to show which chunk of the base Google now controls, including the golf course, which is now open to the public and quite reasonably priced. 

He said the future of the base and the museum is still a mystery, whoever at Google is in charge is apparently in hiding. What he didn't mention is that Google created a shadow corporation and basically duped the feds into selling out, not knowing who was behind it.

Home, fast forwarded through Sabado Gigante. For the first time in a long time there was no actual singing talent among the contestants. And the last hour was devoted to fat people dancing. They do this from time to time, apparently under the misconception that fat people can dance, and the viewers want to see them.

Got caught online doing way too much research. UPS was still showing the laptop in transit from KY.

Tuesday, my usual time to work. I brought a small tub of my chewy caramel walnuts which had been chopped into bite-sized square-like pieces and refrigerated overnight to keep them from sticking together. The sexy executive admin loved them, so I told her how to make them. They were gone by lunchtime.

Not much work, but I forwarded what I had done so far to the team. 4-person team meeting in the afternoon for the lead to show us the schedule. Not much stuff can be done yet because the specs are not done and we're doing the new features, which means they are not in the current product.

Becuse of the meeting I had a quick lunch at Carl's.

After the meeting I checked UPS, and the laptop was allegedly on a truck "out for delivery" at 4 am. So I went home early just in case they made the early part of 3-7 pm window. Logged into work, and did some work from home.

Also delivered was a very nice solid pair of white suspenders, and a CD of an unknown to me Victor Herbert musical on which one of my theater friends is featured, and replacement ink cartridges for the top-feed printer.

Plans for tomorrow:
Arrange to return the laptop & SSD
Do the same if the SSD/USB adapter arrives
Maybe drive across to Burlington Coat Factory in the Great Mall to look for a hat, since the one I ordered online probably won't arrive in time. And I usually find other Big Guy clothes there.

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