Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

More schlepping/shopping

Got to work just a little before lateness would have occurred. Remembered it was Friday, then remembered that Thursday is the new Friday when there's a 3-day weekend because whoever brings the bagels/donuts always makes it a 4-day. Had a banana, but I was out of hard boiled eggs. Bought a case of 24 yesterday at Costco, but no time to boil them. And old wives on the interwebs say not to boil them while fresh.

Lots of work to do, and when I was almost done, Boss assigned me a bug which I did not have the equipment for ("borrow or steal it", he says) and which was a one-time thing when a customer had a borked network over an extended period. And then the pair of machines I found were all messed up from the last test which was run on them, which I didn't figure out until 2 hours of them failing to update.

I feel like Archie Bunker. Just remembered there was a load of laundry -whites - in the washing machine which needed to go into the dryer. Like Mr. B, I always separate the whites from the coloreds.  
Edith The Judge [2.21](Edith is sorting through laundry ruined at the coin laundromat)
Edith: Look at this! You must have forgot to separate the coloreds from the whites.
Mike: (incredulous) Archie? Forget to separate the coloreds from the whites?

Lunchtime I went for Plan C, which was a half-hour drive down 101 to San Martin, The Boot Rack. Their web site showed a wall of hats and some which looked promising. And it was a nice drive out into the flatlands just before garlic country. Surprised that there was some stop-and-slow traffic the last 7 miles.  The place sits alone on Monterey Hwy, and is huge. And they had lots of hats, but most of them were resin. I don't know how anyone can wear those. Or pay $140 for them. They had felt hats, but nothing like what I was looking for. I found one in the right style in clearance, but it was green and brown and would not paint easily. Or bleach. Got lots of help from the staff, and did buy a hat which was slightly more cowboy, but it is white. I mostly bought it because it was a long way to go for nothing, and the staff was so nice.

Back to more work, fixed the pair of machines so they would update, filed my weekly report and left at 6.

Next stop, Target, looking for cuff links. They don't carry any. Walked next door to Macy's, got a pair on sale for $15. Back to Target for eye drops (they are one of the few places which sell a full ounce bottle) and T-shirts, because I sweat too much at airports, and probably can use on under the suit. Those tux shirts are thin.

Home, in the mailbox was the hat I had ordered almost a month ago. Perfect for what I was looking for.

But then the fellow being married says the ceremony will be indoors, so I'm going to go regimental Col. Sanders, bare-headed. But I'll use the hat at cons.

Got my rolling carry-on out of the shed, it will be my checked bag. I'll use the dinosaur backpack for carry-on. It has a slot for the laptop. The camera and a lens or three, my meds & Hgl meter, chargers and tablet. Taking my chances and putting all the clothes in the checked bag, on the theory that the hotel is down the block from a mall, in case it gets lost.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get up on time
Park at the parknride (I've pre-paid)
SJC-SEA with a 3-hour layover then to Bend on Horizon's larger puddle jumper
Rental car & hotel by 7:30 if all goes well.


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