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Travel day. Got up when I should get up on a work day, which was a major WTF for two reasons:
Reason the 1st: I did not need to get up for another 2 hours
Reason the 2nd: Once again I had injected enough bedtime insulin for a big, late dinner after having a small, not so late dinner. At 2 am I was awoken with an Hgl of 58, which required two Klondike bars and a glass of chocolate milk to combat. And earlier, at about 1, there was a rat or gopher or something like that under the house, trying to eat its way into the bedroom. Spook was spooked, she stood guard waiting for it to show itself. I tried to sleep through it but finally got the baseball bat and thumped loudly above the scratching. And that worked. when I get home I need to talk to the manager about this, in theory there is no way for a rodent to get under the house.

Anyhow, I was up and about and ready way too early, so I wasted a lot of time on FB and LJ and the avian network.
And here I will address an issue seen all day on FB which I am more sympathetic towards than most of my friends.

The clerk in KY who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay people. And to not discriminate, she refused to issue any at all. And since all licenses are issued over her signature no matter which minion makes the transaction, she ordered her minions to cease.

IMHO there are some red herrings. One is she has been divorced 3 times. This has no bearing, since the Old testament book which prohibits gay sex also spells out just as clearly how to get a divorce. Another is she is recently (4 years ago) Born Again. This has no bearing because she was against gay marriage before that, and if you cast your mind back to 2004, Barak Obama Himself was Born Again and firmly against gay marriage when elected. Both times. And he sure as hell dragged his feet on don't ask don't tell. If he can change his mind on the issue in 2 years, she can certainly change hers in 4.

So what we are left with is the question of when you are elected to a job, and powers you have no control over change the rules to where you can no longer perform that job, are you justified in refusing to abide by the new rules?

"She swore to uphold the Constitution. She took an oath." you say.

Well chew on this: she took and oath and said "so help me God" with her hand on her Bible. So she swore to protect the Constitution in the way she believed God would want her to. And despite what SCOTUS claims, nothing in the Constitution allows same sex couples to marry. And that Bible she swore on says those people need to be stoned to death. We should be thankful that summary execution is not one of the activities delegated to a county clerk.

The other red herring, and what makes this whole thing a CNN-sponsored pissing match, is Kentucky doesn't care which county you go to for your certificate. All counties honor all other counties' paper. It would have cost far less to drive to the next county than it did to hire a lawyer because one stubborn fundamentalist told you to go away. That goes for all the couples, not just the gay ones.

I should add that I am playing Devil's Advocate here. I personally believe the government is completely out of line in having anything to do with people's love lives. And as a single person, I am vehemently opposed to couples getting tax breaks and deductions for being married and having children. And for being allowed to play the "married, filing jointly" scam. Because that means my taxes go up to subsidize that. 
Back to our regularly scheduled broadcast.

Got to the park-and-ride, for which I had a reservation, but the lot was full. So they did the valet thing. The shuttle waited for me, and we got to the airport in good time. My ticket allowed me to use the breeze-through TSA line, no shoe removal, no taking laptop out, just go through the metal detector. But my suspender snaps nix that so I did the body scan. Let them drool.

Had enough time to walk the whole length of the terminal, then have lunch at The Brit. Fish and chips. The fish was good, the chips were not.

I went for first class on this leg, because I had the points, but it was not worth it. Leg room was taken up by some metal box which was mounted where my right foot wanted to be, instead of intelligently, between the seats. The tray table lifts out of the arm rest, but the arm rest is too short, and the tray would get stopped by my massive tummy. Useless. And the seat belt was just barely long enough. I'm puzzled, because there must be people bigger than me.

The trip to Seattle was very nice, clear most of the way, but the landing was bad, we came in too high too fast, and there was quite a jolt and slamming on the brakes. No excuse for that. SeaTac, unlike SJC, has a long glide path.

Layover another 2 hours,  enough time to walk the terminal again, and this time in of all places a Hudson's, I fond a white straw fedora. Not the wide brimmed which would complete the costume, but close enough to wear with it. And only $19. So I bought it.

There's a beautiful huge bay window floor to ceiling, about 100 feet wide in the main food court. eventually I got some Starbucks and sat there and read, and admired the view. And the occasional eye candy.

Onto a small puddle jumper designed for Asian children's bodies. Luckily I was seated next to a small older woman. Unluckily she had elbows

The flight boarded 20 minutes late, it took me 5 minutes to fasten the seat belt, and there were FOUR babies behind us. And it was a prop plane, and I was seated next to the propeller. So an hour of LOUD.

Got to Redmond, took care of the rental car while Horizon missed their pledge to have bags on the carousel in 20 minutes or your next bag is free. 

Found my car - a Ford Focus. Took a while to find the headlight switch. Took longer to figure out the cruise control. I brought my own Garmin, and it took me to the motel in Bend without any problem. Checked into the motel, the nice lady took pains to draw me a map of the 1-way streets "we laugh at GPSes". Punched a place to eat into the GPS, and it took me right there. But Saturday night in downtown Bend looks like Saturday night in Palo Alto - not a lot of parking, but I found a lot and a space quickly across the street.

I asked them why my friend from Corvalis would come here to get married. They said it was not A Thing for OSU students, it's just a very nice venue.

The Brickhouse. Steak  & seafood. It is a beautifully designed bar & grill, excellent service, the best Prime rib I have ever had, but ( and there's always a but)
whoever designed the place ought to do theaters, because you can hear everything everyone in the entire building is saying. A party of 8 in the back room was laughing so loudly I thought I was on the Napa wine train. Oh, and they think creamed spinach is whole spinach leaves boiled in milk. Expensive, but not too bad for prime rib. The seafood was way overpriced, but not for being in the middle of the desert.

GPS got me back to the motel no problem.

Plans for tomorrow:
Breakfast is free - wear my civvies
Make a trial drive to the wedding venue
Iron my shirt
Dress in my white suit
Put my camera together
Go see my friend tie the knot
Depending on after-wedding events, drive to the river and see if the beaver dam is findable. Take pictures.
Maybe get sunset pix of the mountains.

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