Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

So Romantic!

I am so happy I came, because finally the story explaining WTF are we doing in Bend, Oregon? was answered.

And it is so romantic, and so synchronistic and so ~~  it made the whole trip worthwhile.

20 years ago, a couple was married in this room in the Old St. Francis School Hotel in Bend, OR in which town they resided.

Best man was Logan, from San Jose CA by way of Corvallis, OR
Maid of honor was Lisa, childhood friend of the bride, currently living in South Africa.

They fell in like. But the distance was impossible. Lisa returned to SA, got a life, eventually got married, and Logan never heard from her again. For 12 years.

Then Logan appeared on Lisa's Faceboook as "someone you might know", probably because they had two mutual friends.

 Logan sent a ping.

Lisa, now single again, sent an ack.

They Facebooked. They emailed. They phoned.

She flew out to Bend, stayed at the hotel, and they fell in love.

She returned to SA, but soon decided this being apart stuff was ridiculous, and made the sacrifice to leave her home and move in with him.

So of course there was only one place they could get married.

Positions reversed. Original bride & groom were today's matron of honor and best man.

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