Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Wedding day

Went for the breakfast at the motel. The usual, plus a pair of waffle irons and I finally made one when I put on my glasses and read "push" on the mix dispenser. By then I'd had two mini muffins, a danish and an English muffin, so when the waffle iron turned out to not be as non-stick as it needed to be, I didn't feel bad tossing most of the fragments.

Took a drive to the wedding venue, it is fairly close, and then back to the motel.

Watched yesterday's college football game until 11. Got dressed in my Col. Sanders suit - the tie took 5 minutes to put on, the hook was on the opposite side from intuitive.

At the school at 11:30, made sure my car would not get towed and got a map and directions to the wedding. But arrived just as the groom was starting rehearsals so I ducked out before he could see me, and walked around the building, taking pix and getting lots of compliments on the suit from passers-by.

Back at 11:50, to find out the wedding was delayed till 1.

Hung around. Met some of the other guests. Met his mother.

Finally got word that things were starting, but they weren't. According to the data on the ;photos, the walk down the aisle began at16 minutes after.

The "minister" was an actress from Seattle who has a Universal Life Church "ordination". She read the vows well. There was some Firefly and Serenity content, and "till death us do part" was replaced by "To infinity...and beyond!".

Groom stumbled on the "to the exclusion of all others" part. Bride did not. Groom read his personal vows to the bride standing 5 feet away, nervously. Bride closed the gap and held both his hands while she read hers, quietly but with confidence.

Then we were expelled from the room as they transformed it into the reception. This was kind of a WTF because usually that room is only the chapel and across the hall is a reception-ready room. But I gathered that not enough guests showed up to make that viable. People who RSVPed yes. :-(

That took about 45 minutes, and we grabbed seats at the table while we waited for the bride and her entourage to pry her loose from the very long train on her dress, which was still 5 feet longer than she is.

I am jealous. Bride is gorgeous, petite, smart, and gives great hugs. Especially when drunk.

Not much of a buffet. Salad makings, fruit slices, macaroni and cheese bake, sliced beef. Open bar, which was a hit with most of my table. The wedding cake was red velvet. Very nice texture but not much taste.

But it came with an alien or zombie finger puppet FTW.

Lovely parting gift was a small package of the hotel's ground coffee.

I left around 4:30, back to the motel just in time to use the john. Changed into jeans and a Hawaiian shirt and drove out to the place by the river which the motel receptionist said beavers had been spotted. Beautiful river walk, lots of Canada geese mooning us, but no beavers. Saw a couple of fawns across the river on the hill.

And a few paddle boarders.

While there was still light, I drove further on, hoping to crest the hill and get a view of the 3 mountains, but got caught in free concert traffic about halfway, and turned back. Drove back towards the airport where I'd seen them yesterday, this time took the road instead of the highway, and found a place to pull off and snap some images, but it was hazy and too early, shooting into the sun instead of the sunset.

Back to the hotel, saw an FB suggestion from a local on a place to eat. Into the car, punched it into the GPS and my tummy said run to the john.

15 minutes later, I was on the road again. Another nice, posh, overpriced place with excellent service and some serious eye candy. The food was not very good, a very heavy pasta in cream sauce with 3 jumbo shrimp and 3 medium scallops. I should have gone with chicken. Their alleged mud pie was just mocha ice cream on a bed of crushed oreo wafers.

Somewhere in there I Photoshopped the best wedding pix, and uploaded them to Flickr. will do the river shots when I get home.

Plans for tomorrow:
10:30 check out and drive to the airport
12:40 puddle jumper to PDX
4:25 real plane to SJC
Home by 7? 8?
Be yelled at by Spook, whose treat dish was already empty when I checked the webcam last night.

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