Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Day of WINs

Note to self: Sleep number 35 is way too soft.

Woke up at about 4 am and set it to my usual 55. After that bizarre dream, I couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up and almost made it to work early.

Work was challenging but somehow I managed to beat two borrowed machines into submission and set them up to try to reproduce a customer issue which was allegedly fixed in the latest build. Then I had to beat them up again to install the build on which the problem was first reported. I left that soaking, since the issue has to do with long-term network foo. 

At the same time we got a new build for the new machines, and there was a showstopper bug which 2 out of 3 of us were bit by. Team leader thought he had the workaround figured out, but it didn't work on my machine. He did not get bit, and the other guy said the work-around worked for him. That brought us up to quitting time. We'll look into it more tomorrow.

Lunch was at Togo's. It was 99° outside. Only two workers behind the counter, and they were having a contest to see which one could work the slowest. Mine won.

Which made me late for the mini-team meeting. Which was called off because some other group had hijacked our reserved room, and there wasn't anything to meet about anyway.

Target after work, on The List was mostly shampoo and body wash but two frying pans and a set of microfiber sheets also ended up in my cart. Also on the list was a replacement for the terrycloth steering wheel cover which the park-n-fly valet managed to break. And SodaStream diet cola mix. But Target no longer carries any steering wheel covers, and they have apparently discontinued the SodaStream items, except for CO2 cartridges.

News flash - Just remembered where I'd stored the steering wheel covers. Found one grey one, which will be installed tomorrow. And one black one which won't.

Home, opened the shed (I really need to get someone to install a vent) and put the windshield washer jug and my rolling suitcase inside. Thelda, the nurse who takes care of 101.5-year-old Mary next door was at the kitchen window, washing dishes. Mary is home from the hospital, almost fully recovered from her stroke, eating her normal food, but she was watching the ball game so couldn't be disturbed. Thelda also introduced me to Elise, who will be taking over the nursing duties, now that things have gotten real.

Since I'm going in for an opth appointment tomorrow morning, and am due for my quarterly lab tests, I set my alarm to remind me to eat dinner before 9 pm, so I can fast. 8:45, had half a can of baked beans and some slices of Norwegian lox. No dessert. Took my pills, but waited till 11 to shoot up, only 1/3 of the usual dosage because if I overshoot it will mean having to eat in the middle of the night, and blow the chance for a fasting test.

Another WIN: repaired a cassette tape which I made in 1968 or 69. It had come loose from one end, and the pad which holds the tape against the heads was disintegrating. I'd bought virgin cassette cases, and managed to shift the tape to the new case, clip it into the ring, thread it and screw it back together. I've been listening to it. It's mostly very high quality (it was recorded in the UW radio lab when I interned there) but unfortunately two or three songs have short gaps where the tape was stretched and twisted. Too fragile for me to try to straighten out.

Side A includes Theodore Bikel's Bravo Bikel album, many cuts from Sesame Street (It's Not Easy Being Green, I Love Trash, Rubber Ducky, etc.), clips from HAIR (Air, Frank Mills, Good Morning Starshine). Side B is mostly cuts from LP transcriptions of an Israeli radio program aimed at English speakers, with lots of voice-over translations of lyrics, including one of my favorites, A Letter From Mother, sung by Chava Alberstein, a typical Jewish mother's letter to her soldier son**. Apparently written in Yiddish then translated to Hebrew. And then some pieces played by the University of Washington Wind Sinfonietta, with me playing 4th French Horn. Including a processional I wrote and arranged.

You wrote you got another stripe, and now you're a Sgt. Major
I don't understand what that means, but if it's good,
I'll send you some stripes
Mother is sending you stripes
I'll put them in the post

Be happy and succeed, Sgt. Major
I'm also sending you some jam
I made it from oranges, for you to eat, Sgt. Major
And send the jar back to your mother.

It's getting cool, the sea is stormy
Don't go out on an attack without your sweater
In the Winter, my son, you must be careful

And if you must capture some tanks,
So, not all at once.
Don't exert yourself - take them one by one.

You are there, advance according to the schedule
But I'll give you a plan:
Advance a little my child, and rest a little
And when you've rested, advance some more

Don't worry about mother
I remember how you used to cry in your pram
And now I have a Sgt. Major!

My son, better don't capture generals
Capture an ordinary soldier,and finish

I won't write any more now
But this much might I remind you:
If you take a strategic point
Put up a notice straightaway that it's yours

So long to you from mother
And if you can, Sgt. Major, write to me, to mother
Don't forget to send back the jar
And return, healthy to your mother

And the WIN I was surprised to accomplish without playing a game of 2,146-CD-pickup: I was able to move my two very full racks of CDs from the guest room to the office, where they should have been in the first place. They are heavy, and just barely fit through the door and down the narrow hall, but the dolly was able to support them leaning backwards so the contents did not spill. Juggling them onto and off of the dolly was the delicate part, the rest was sheer muscle, and a low center of gravity.

I had to shift the futon, which is very heavy and had embedded itself into the carpet, in order to clear space for the dolly. Need to buy a set of furniture sliders so I can shift it back. Moving the racks cleared enough space for two people to coexist in that small bedroom with a queen futon.

Before all that I stripped my bed and installed the new microfiber sheets. Spook "helped". She does not like all the changes, and was very vocal, whining a lot, and trying hard to stay underfoot. But now she is curled up in the cat bed behind me, which is in about the same spot on the floor as it had been before I moved the table which it was under. The table is now against the wall by the livingroom windows. It needs to find another place to reside. I may just unscrew the legs and put it into the shed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Wake up early
Lab tests
Ophthalmology appointment, eyes dilated
Let my eyes recover. Have lunch at the clinic.

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