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Medical Day

Started the day fasting, but drinking lots of water because the lab tests include a pee test. Got to the clinic at 8, and the empty seat at the blood draw was served by a student intern. She looked to be in her 30s, said she had finished her academics, and was on her second "externship". She was doing okay until she got the first vial into the needle holder, and very little blood came out. And then the needle slipped out. She tossed the vial away, grabbed a new one, and called for help. The very experienced help taped up that arm, switched to the other arm, and quickly drew 3 vials.

This is a major FAIL for the intern, because my veins are huge, stand out 1/4", and her only problem was not pushing the needle in far enough. Another FAIL is she walked away, instead of (a) trying again with supervision or (b) watching the expert. She needs more confidence, and that would be true which ever area of medicine she pursues.

Next stop, ophthalmology. Very crowded, the nurse was handling two patients at a time, by a creative application of Musical Chairs. Bottom line at that stop is my sight is back to 20/20 in both eyes, and still good pressure readings.

Dilation  next, and a 20-minute wait in the Big Chair as the doc's e-picture frame showed images of him, his wife & daughter in their travels. I recognized most of the places, had been to maybe half of them. When I started seeing this doctor, his daughter's crayon scrawls decorated the exam room. She apparently has given up art. In the pictures she appears to be high school or college age.

Result of the exam is the collateral damage caused by the eye stroke has healed, the main damage is still the same, as is my diabetic retinopathy. Return visit will be scheduled for 6 months.

On my receipt there was a note that I was due for a flu shot this week, but they won't be giving those, the receptionist said, until October. My last one was late October. I'm in no hurry.

By now I'm starved. Cafeteria was still serving breakfast, I bought some scrambled eggs with embedded sausage biuts, 2 slices of bacon, a cold bottle of green tea and a bag of Special K cheddar chips. It was BRIGHT outside, so I parked myself away from the windows, pointing at the cashier's line, hoping for eye candy which never arrived.

Stayed about an hour, then wandered around the clinic (it's a very big place, bigger than many hospitals) from time to time testing my eyes against the BRIGHT. Plugged my earbuds into my ears and into the phone, and discovered I could tolerate Yourtube videos. Watched some faves.

Finally braved the outdoors at about noon. Mistake, but not too big, because I had two pairs of sunglasses in the car, and with both of them on was safe to drive.

Drove to China Stix. had beef chow fun, and by now my eyes were okay for reading from the Kindle app on the Nexus. Dessert was a single scoop at B&R.

Got to work at 2, as promised, and with the frequent application of artificial tears, was able to run a couple of tests, and document two bugs. 1-on-1 with Boss at 4:30, explained why the VP was so very wrong about the one bug I was still working on. Boss agreed. Bottom line is in order to duplicate the customer's case, I would have to be able to cause a network glitch in a particular half-second of a process.

Home by way of Lowe's where I bought all the packets of seeds for full-sized marigolds they had. 5 I think. They are not only drought tolerant but they thrive in heat. I have a patch in the front of the house waiting for them. But not while it is 100° out. Which it has been two days in a row, and may continue tomorrow.

My Thai lime trees love it.

The hummers are loving the three feeders. I've counted as many as six, sharing all three about equally judging by the liquid levels. Spook is so confused.

And she has been barfing a little, for the first time since I got her. She has been nibbling on one of the plants in the piano room which I didn't have a place to hang, so it is on a stand, and comes down to the floor. If she wanted to she could nibble on the leaves of the plants hanging from the kitchen window, but she doesn't.

Wanted to do laundry, but it's too hot. I have plenty of shirts still in the closet, so no rush. After it cooled off some, I made two batches of hard boiled eggs. And ran the dishwasher.

Dinner was a pot pie, with half a mango for dessert.

Researched the SodaStream issue, and it seems they had been making the syrup in the West Bank, and pretty much had to shut down that operation. Bottom line is nobody had their syrup mixes in stock, it isn't just Target. So I looked into the work-around, and bought online a 2.5 gallon bag-in-a-box of authentic Diet Coke concentrate, and one of ginger ale. And a tap which fits them both. Expensive, but mixes out to about 160 servings, at about 50 cents a serving for the cola and 30 cents for the ginger ale.

Plans for tomorrow:
Dentist (cleaning)
YOTB rehearsal

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