Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Long two days

It has been a trying couple of days, I need sleep, am keeping this short.

Another 2 am and 3 am awakening by a rodent scratching madly under the house near the bed.

Eyes still hurting from being dilated, and I am sure the pollution level is hurting too.

One more feature I was in charge of was pulled from the new product. :-(

Still trying to reproduce a customer issue.

Called Terminix. Yes, they do rodent control. Scheduled a visit for Tuesday AM.

Noon --> annual dental cleaning. Having dentures made left barely enough insurance $$ to cover it. No cavities, no rude comments about flossing.

Lunch at Togo's. Pastrami. Outside had cooled off to 98°.

Boss' boss' team meeting was relatively short.

Online, ordered several packets of different kinds of marigolds. Apparently they are amazing full sun, drought-resistant plants which love our crappy clay soil.

Home after work. Sat in the recliner and vegged for 20 minutes, then loaded the horn & stand into the car and got to band rehearsals with 10 minutes to spare. By now it was a chilly 83°. The practice room has no aircon that I know of. We have a pole fan. For 70 people.

I mostly sucked. Having trouble sight reading, and even on music I know I kept losing my place. Yup, this will be my last month.

Home, meager dinner of lox & sharp cheddar. Almond cookies for dessert. Ginger ale with sliced ginger.

Plans for tomorrow:

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