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Once again, my weekly report was brief

But the work behind it was not.

Got to work at 9:30 despite turning off the alarm in my sleep and not waking up till 8:30. Very light traffic for no apparent reason. There is major construction  going on at the corner where I turn off of the expressway to the street work is on. NVidia, whose HQ is on the other side of the Xpwy, had been using the campus as overflow, and now all 7 or so buildings have been torn down and leveled, and someone, perhaps NVidia but maybe someone else, apparently will be making a new structure there. probably a glass tower with a big parking garage.

And construction is going on at all four corners of El Camino and the same Xpwy. A royal PIA, no idea what they are doing. Had been hoping for muc-needed right turn lanes, but that would not have taken a month to build.

Most of today at work was spent wrapping up some complex bug fix testing. Once again the bagels did not show up until after I was at my desk, so I missed out. Got a muffin, though.

Lunch was preceded by a hunt for a particular gas station which has a credit card accepting, digital readout air pump which won't won't inflate past the psi setting one enters into the front panel. Last night I had tried using one of the old fashioned ones, but (a) could not see the psi rating for my tires in the dark and (b) could not read the little brass stick which pops out to display the current pressure. What prompted all this activity was the low pressure light was solid on the dashboard. I thought it would be the front passenger tire, because the Toyota service folks had forgotten to replace the cap, but it was the rear driver's side one, down to 27, all of the others were at 34, which is the suggested level. Or close enough. At the moment I am blaming three days in the sun in 100° weather, but will keep an eye on it since Science says if it was the temps, all the tires should be down.

This got me near an Armadillo Willy's, where a man about my age and size stole my drink cup right from in front of me as I waited for the cashier to give me my receipt. Cashier chased him down to the drinks dispenser, but took the asshole's word for it that he thought it was his. Cashier chickened out, did not ask to see the guy's receipt.

But he did give me another cup.

I tried the "cowboy sausage". I asked for mild, but apparently that only applied to the BBQ sauce. The bbq beans were also a bit spicy. Texas toast was meh.

Straight home after work. Decided to give the laptop one more go at Windows 10, caught up on some news and had dinner while it was cranking. Uninstalled it after 5 minutes. I had mis-remembered the fingerprint sensor issue. The Lenovo I had tried only needed "Hello" to be enabled to activate the sensor. But on the Toshiba, there is no Windows 10 driver for it, and the camera is not compliant either, so "Hello" can't even be enabled.

Looked online this afternoon for Windows 10 laptops with fingerprint sensors, and none of them could take a 1TB SSD, and only one could take 16GB of RAM. And it was soldered in, no upgradeable. Lenovo, Dell, HP and Asus have compatible cameras, but I don't trust face recognition at all. Certainly not in place of a fingerprint.

However, after some research, I was wrong about Hello® data being shared with M$FT. It's all stored on the local machine. So now I'm okay with a fingerprint reader on Win10, if I can find one.
Plans for tomorrow:
Petco - kitty litter
Boss' party (aka Thai food & language opportunities)

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