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The only useful thing I did before heading across the bay to Boss' daughter's birthday party was trim Spook's claws. I've been meaning to do it for a week, the trigger was when she got caught on her fleece blanket on the bed. She only resisted a little until I got to the last claw on the first paw. And then I had to invoke the I Am Bigger And Stronger Than You rule. She is now happily climbing things again.

The useless thing I did was haul the work table which had been in the office, and then against the windows in the livingroom, into the bedroom. A neat trick because it is wider than the bedroom door, and the legs did not allow for easy see-sawing through.

And once I got it in there, it was clear it took up more space than I was okay with. So now it is back in the office, in front of the CD racks, which is not a good place for it. Eventually it will probably go into the shed, but Ikea designed it so that the legs don't unscrew until one removes all 8 screws from each plate.

And there isn't room in the shed either.

I lied. I also went to Petco and bought some Tidy Cat, brought it home, cleaned out the litterbox which was filled with not-up-to-its-name World's Best Cat Litter, and filled it with the new stuff. Spook watched, but so far has not sampled the new surface.

The party was much more crowded than last year. Word has gotten around. Boss' wife is Thai, and she cooks everything. And more. This is the livingroom buffet:

There was more in the kitchen:

I ate a lot, and chatted a bit in Thai with the women, all of whom, unfortunately, were married with children, and mostly married to Americans. Like my boss. So there were a lot of children, and they had fun in the bounce castle, and even more fun helping the birthday girl open her presents.

What present was she most eager to ply with? (I hear you ask) well, this one:

Kids these days....

Home, too full to eat till 9. Photoshopped the photos, Facebooked and watched some college football. Refilled the two (out of 3) empty hummer feeders. Dinner was some leftover fried chicken and veggies.

Looked online for laptops which support Windoze 10. Yesterday I ordered a USB fingerprint scanner which works with WinX. Sad to see Sony spun off the Vaio as a separate company, and is only selling in Japan. The site doesn't even have an English branch. Gateway is down to three models, none of them up to snuff. Dell, HP and Toshiba are Lenovo's biggest competition. But I'm not seeing what I want for a price I'm willing to pay.

Plans for tomorrow:

Road trip. Richmond to a famous flower emporium in search of fuchsias
Berkeley to a famous hat shop for the last piece of my Col. Sanders costume
Coffee with Janice, probably near Atherton

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