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Bad Timing, Chain Reaction Home Ownership

Yesterday the cold which started showing itself Sunday night got bad enough to wake me up almost every hour, and take Nyquil then Dayquil. Work was slow, but not slow enough to justify nodding off a couple of times at my desk. Before heading for work I had rescued the last container of home made chicken soup from the freezer and packed it in my lunch cooler.

Not feeling up to driving, I heated up the soup and had it in the break room for lunch. Was reading from my Kindle app, since everyone was playing pool, when one of the engineers who was having a late lunch decided to try to strike up a conversation. I was (a) in no mood, (b) enjoying the book and (c) enduring a sore throat. So I did my best to ignore him.

Straight home after work, finished what was left of the soup, dug a container of Dome Ka Gai out of the freezer - coconut chicken soup - about half a bowl was left, and finished that. In my mailbox was a wonderful surprise - Nancie's latest cookbook, inscribed to me.  Throat was still sore, so I self-medicated with a couple of thin mint ice cream units (Girl Scouts' answer to Klondike bars). And Nyquil. Watched the 49ers game, which was seriously inept on both sides of the field. HATE2 the black uniforms. 49ers colors are red & gold, there is no call for black ever. They looked like the Oregon State Beavers, and played as poorly. Got disgusted just after halftime when the first TD was scored, and went to bed.

Another sleepless night, lots of water consumed and recycled. And again with the rodent scrabbling at the bedroom floor at 2 am.

Up early because Terminix was supposed to be there in an 8 am - 10 am window.

And right at 8, a Bobcat with a jackhammer attachment attacks my next door neighbor's driveway. For the first time since I have been here, all of his cars are off the drive, and there's a huge crack across it. Also, the steps have been pushed aside and several of the skirt panels are off, showing he has been storing a lot of junk under the house.

Terminix was not there by 10, and I was still feeling miserable, so I emailed in sick, called the dispatcher and it took them 20 minutes and two reps to tell me the inspector was delayed and would be there by 11:15.

Chatting with Mrs. next door, I comment on the junk, and she says she used to have a business selling cowboy boots and stetson hats. One of the pieces of junk is a Stetson sign.

And at about 11:15, Joe arrives. My original scheduler said it would be Jerry.

I take Joe into the bedroom so he can see there's no rodentation inside the house, and the outside, where he sees a few places they could get inside. And looking under the house, he sees rat poop and other evidence of rats. He also shows me a serious water leak under the master bathroom. Steady drip, big puddle. "Call a plumber right away".

I sign up for the $219 total pest treatment, which will be applied Thursday, same window, between 8 and 10 am. I decline the $1400 sealing of the house against all pests. I can seal up the gaps for far less.

Call the plumber who fixed up the dishwasher connection, but he is booked till the 23rd. Call one of the mobile home services to see if they can fix a leak, but get a machine. No callback in an hour, so call Roto Rooter. They have a 6-hour window. Fine, I have nothing else to do, and this needs to be taken care of last week. They will give me 30 minutes warning. Mobile home service calls back, they are booked as well.

I need to make more chicken soup, so I drive to the Asian market, which is the nearest one other than Fresh & Stupid, and unlike the chains, they always have chicken hearts & gizzards, without which my soup is not real Jewish Penicillin™. Or maybe it's Atheist Penicillin. No - that would be actual Penicillin.

They did not have two other required ingredients, green peas and parsnip, but I have both of those at home, just enough to make one batch.

Home, get out the cauldron, empty 4 cans of broth into it, add the gizzards, hearts and thigh/leg pieces. slice up the parsnip, an onion, scallions, mushrooms, celery (including the leafy inside parts), add a dozen or so peeled garlic cloves, a can of green peas. A little salt, some thyme, but no black pepper because there's enough garlic. Add water to cover. Fire up the burner at very low, #2 setting, and cover.

After an hour and no word from RR, I take a glass of coconut water out onto the porch and watch the hummingbirds. And notice the new growth on the Thai lime trees, so pluck half a dozen leaves, and add those to the soup.

 Caesar from RR arrives as I am chatting with Mrs. next door. I show him the problem and he says he can fix it. Long story short, a pipe connection has been sending a stream of water up to the floor for quite a while, and the drip is from where the plastic sheeting has been collecting the water.

He had to puncture the sheeting in several places, and open it up to get to the pipe. And he needed about 5 feet of pipe, so he went off to Orchard to get some. Everything was fixed by about 5:30. The bill came to just under $850.

And more to come, because after Terminix does their thing, I will need to call a mobile home repair service to dry things out, pull out the old insulation and re-insulate.

And I just checked, it did not fix the low pressure in the bathroom sink.

Meanwhile, next door neighbor has a driveway with new wooden blocking, crushed rock leveled with a grid of steel on top, with the bobcat sitting on it. Probably will  have the cement poured tomorrow, unless it rains (which it might).

It's almost 7, I am sipping on some 70° Southern Comfort (Dad's cure for the Common Cold), going to have some soup for dinner, and go to bed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Kaiser. pick up insulin which has been sitting there since Monday afternoon
If I am feeling well, I'll plant some marigolds


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