Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Spook says it's time for me to go to bed

So I'll keep this short.

Weird night - went to bed at 8:30, woke up every hour. At about 4:30 I felt like I needed more insulin, so took my Hgl reading. 70. Needed a snack.
Back to bed, woke up every hour. Stayed up at 7:30.

Started the day ladling a huge pot of chicken soup into freezable, microwave safe containers.

Got to work at about 9.  

Wrapped up a test which needed me to physically be there. Did some screen captures for the boss on our oldest model, latest release.

Lunchtime, Kaiser, picked up 90 days' worth of both insulins. Pharma tech did not believe the number of boxes was right until she checked with the pharmacist, who reminded her it was a 3-month supply, not the usual 1-month, and then did the math. I am shocked too each time.

Lunch at the new UB Mongolian BBQ on Homestead. Small shoestring budget setup, but very nice staff. the griller could use lessons - never added water.

Started fading at about 4:30, just before go-home time Boss emailed, asked me to proofread the doc which the screen shots go to. Tomorrow.

Straight home, Spook was hiding in the closet, came out to yell at me for no reason.

Went to bed, did not quite sleep but at least rested, especially my eyes, for 2 hours.

Heated a big bowl of soup, while watching the Pac12 Network 60-minute coverage of the Stanford game. Wonderful idea, all they show are the plays and penalty calls, they skip the extra point kicks, and the voice-over is only play b play with minimal color (they did point out that Barry Sanders is his namesake's son).

Dessert was some cut up cantaloupe, from Fresh & Stupid, which means it was not quite ripe.
Caught up on FB and LJ.

Plans for tomorrow:
Terminix 8-10 window
YOTB if I'm feeling well enough

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