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Last night after work the cold ramped up, despite large doses of chicken soup. Tried to go to bed at 8:30, but lying down made me cough from the chest every five or six breaths. Elevating the head of the bed did not help much.

Took my little bolster to the livingroom, sat in the recliner, and the cough subsided. Mostly.

Back to bed, back to coughing.

Remembered I had some cough suppressant somewhere. Found it among the meds in the kitchen cabinet. Cough syrup with codeine. It said to take one tsp every 4-6 hours, so I took one.

After an hour, a little drowsy but still coughing. Took another. Another hour and I was able to sleep in bed.


Spook started out at the foot of the bed, but the first time I woke up to take a leak she opened the bedroom closet door and hid inside.

Took out the tablet and ordered from Amazon the neoprene sleeve and shoulder bag to go with the Dell laptop. In theory they will all arrive tomorrow.

Woke up every 2 hours. Felt like I had a fever, but the temp reading from the fancy new proximity thermometer said I was cold.

Somewhere in there it seemed like my blood sugar was way up, so I went to the kitchen to take a reading. 70. Low for me. Ate a thin mint ice cream disc. Tried to sleep in the recliner again, and achieved about an hour's worth.

In bed till 2 pm. Mostly watching Youtube videos.  

Spent time on LJ & FB, watched some TV, saw the Terminix truck across the street, so I went outside and checked the traps (empty). Said hi to the tech, same guy who was here yesterday.

Sat in the rocker on the porch for a bit.

Dinner was chicken soup. Strawberries for dessert. I tried the alleged dark chocolate dip from Safeway, but it had no taste. It was the right color, though. That went down the sink.

Around 7:30, UPS, an hour past their time window, dropped off a package at the side door. Did not ring the bell or knock. Got an alert from the phone app.

It was a 2.5-gallon bag in a box of ginger ale syrup ordered on eBay.  It was shipped as is with only plastic bands for protection (should have been inside another box. Box-in-a-box). UPS beat it up so badly the box fell apart when I opened it, the bag flew out, hit the floor, and broke open at a corner. My Birkenstocks are probably beyond repair.

Waiting for the kitchen floor to dry. Just sponge mopped it because Swiffer can't clean half a gallon of spilled ginger ale syrup. That was a lot of work for a guy with a sore throat and a fever.

When the floor is dry, I'll take my diabetes meds, and two tsps of codeine syrup, and try to sleep in bed.

Spook is curled up but awake in the cat bed under the office table. Ignoring the sound of a rat scrabbling at the floor or wall behind her.

Big Expense upcoming, maybe in a week. Whenever Terminix actually catches a rat or two. Must call one of the all-purpose mobile home companies to have the area under the house cleaned out, dried out if needed, insulation repaired, and fix the bathroom vanity water supply. And probably also remove & replace a couple of large boards at the back of the house which are dry rotting.

At dusk I went outside and watered all the plants.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on how I feel
If I feel good, either drive to Milpitas, catch BART for Berkeley and hit the hat store; or drive to Los Altos History Museum for the annual train days.
Those both can be done all weekend.
Unwrap the 100-foot hose at the back of the house, and spray the dirt out from the side of the house, so I can see where vermin can enter
Steel wool to patch the gaps
Furniture sliders for the futon and the bed.

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