Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Long Haul

Last night was another long haul. Started with 2 tsps of codeine syrup, added a pair of Tylenol migraines. That let me get some rest. Remembered I had a new! improved! thermal scan thermometer, since the oral ones don't work with my lower denture's metal bridge. Had to go to Youtube to see how it worked, because the three settings: body, surface and room were not quite self-explanatory. Turns out the body one is for body temp, just point it 2" from forehead or open mouth. surface was not the skin surface, but any surface such as a stove. And room was what it sounded like.

Before tylenol, 99.8. My normal is 96.8. Next time I woke up it was down to 97.something. In bed by 8:30. Took hours to sleep.

3 am, got bit by the bullion bug, put on kettle and made a cup of chicken bullion, watching the 6 am Eastern CNN and MSNBC drivel. They are nhow over-covering Carly, which I find horrible and disgusting. Also found some football. Second cup. Next time got a fresh cup, plucked a bunch of mint leaves from yesterday's harvest, and poured boiling water on them, adding some honey.

That all helped settle me down and soothe the throat. Back to bed at about 4:30

Got out of bed at 9, my face looked sunburned, my throat was a little sore and lungs were wheezing slightly. My dilemma was it was bordering on go-to-doctor time, but there was no way to get there other than a taxi. I was not up to hiking the 6 blocks to the bus stop, or sharing my cold with a crowd.

So Plan H for hermit, had a shower, which helped, took my morning meds, was pleased that my Hgl was at 109, wrapped up my morning email/FB/LJ reading. Breakfast was a sliced banana covered in walnuts & drizzled with honey. And mint tea. And Jasmine tea.

Most of the day the drink was home made lime soda on ice. Had a wet washcloth on my head, neck and face (not all at once) to help cool off. My face looked sunburned.

Was expecting the laptop, its neoprene sleeve and shoulder bag late in the day. Camped in the recliner,  looking for college football. But all the Pac12 games were in the afternoon or evening. Except Oregon, which is always fun to watch. Love those duck wings on their shoulder pads. Best uniform in college football. UW came on a little later, love the shiny metallic gold helmets, but not the more-orange-than-gold pants. Purple tops look good, purple bottoms would have been a better choice.

I went out on the porch for a few minutes to watch the hummers, but they did not want to be watched. And it was hot out there.

At about  3 pm or a bit before, I checked on the porch for amazon boxes, but there were none. So I had a seat in the recliner and looked up the tracking info for the laptop & bags. It said they had been delivered. At the rear door. Checked the rear door, and there they was. Delivered by the post office, not UPS. PO never bothers to ring the bell.

Which reminded me I never got out to check the mailbox. AT&T finally sent my paid in full notice. One junk card for medicare Rx. And a postcard from my sister from Utah, who is probably home by now.

The rest of the day was mostly spent setting up the new laptop, which is very heavy especially compared to the Toshiba. But it's a lot more solid, and I was able to access the hard drive, RAM and wifi card with just a small philips screwdriver (2 screws) and a pica stick. Another 4 philips screws to remove the hard drive, but I couldn't get the cable off. It is clear the SSD that I have will not plug in there, so I ordered one which will, and the kit to mount it and fake it into a USB drive. When it arrives I will clone it from the hard drive, and slap it in. With the prices nowadays, Dell should have just put in an SSD in the first place. Lighter and faster.

Next step was to transfer what I could from the Toshiba. M$FT did not include the Easy Transfer app in Win 10. Boo, hiss. They offer a link to a free files-only app, and for $30, a files, programs and settings app. So I bought that, installed it on both machines. It suggested using a LapLink network cable, which would be 1000 gbps compared to about 100 Mbps over wifi. I had one, got it for the Toshiba SSD transfer, but did not need it. Looked in the usual places, I guess I tossed it.

The initial estimate from the program was 7 hours. so I set both laptops aside and let them crank as I did other things. Mostly watched football. And ordered stuff on amazon. An extra a/c adapter for the Dell, because the "universal" one I got for the Toshiba doesn't have the right connector (it has 6 wrong ones) and it's over-powered. 90W instead of 45. And made tea.

The transfer actually took less than an hour. Most of my desktop shortcuts made it, and while Office and Photoshop did, they needed to be re-installed. Outlook also had to be repaired. But all my email was there.

Had to remove the free Mcafee, and nuke every reference in the registry to Norton to get the Win10 version to install from Comcast (it's free for customers). Made some progress getting rid of the many annoying and useless tiles on the home screen. Skype refused to install, even after some serious registry deletions.

The keyboard has some WTFs. Number lock is where I expect backspace. Delete is tiny and up on the top row. Other than that I make the same typos.

It's 16:9, so on my TV tray there is just barely room for the mouse. It has a touch screen, I suppose I should learn to use it.

The brand X fingerprint sensor worked perfectly first time out. Plugs into a USB slot on the side. Excellent.

I'll do some more tomorrow, probably.

Dinner was yummy. I caramelized an onion in olive oil, added some sliced peeled garlic, sliced celery, mint leaves and rosemary from yesterday's harvest. The chops cooked up fairly quickly, and came out medium. There were 4, I saved one and bagged it with some of the veggies.

Mango for dessert. I'd left it out too long, so one big mango only yielded half.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on how I feel.
My face is no longer on fire, Throat is not sore, just a little catch deep in the lungs.
If I'm at 90% or better, will drive across the bay to the mall, take BART to Berkeley and shop at the hat store.
Also need to get furniture sliders and steel wool -- Lowe's on the way home.
May watch some football
Will play on the laptop some more.
And take out the garbage.

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