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Slept mostly normally last night. One tsp of Codeine, one dose of Tylenol, some Vicks vapo-rub and a couple of Hall's cough drops. Hardly touched the emergency apple juice by my bed.

No fever, only a little bit of irritation in my lungs, I was well enough to go to Berkeley.

But Berkeley was not well enough to have me.

So the deal is I thought there was a new-ish BART station in Milpitas at the Great Mall with free parking. And I thought the hat store was on Telegraph just a couple of blocks from the BART station. Plugged the trip into Google maps, and it said no, the Milpitas station was VTA light rail, the end of the line from the run which goes near my house. Nearest BART is in Fremont, a considerable distance away.

And the hat store is 6 bus stops from BART. And there was a notice that this bus was not stopping there today because Berkeley is having a festival.

And there was a Raider's game earlier than I expected, so BART would be problematic.

So, no trip. And I was happy enough to take another day to recover.

Watched the 49ers game until I got completely disgusted, switched to the Raiders who snatched victory from the jaws of defeat in the final 18 seconds. One of the plays I liked was made by a guy whose jersey said "Howard" on the back, so I ordered one.

While this was going on, I was testing the battery life on the new laptop, running it unplugged. It finally ran out of juice at about 6 pm.

I was hoping to do some gardening and maintenance work outside, but it was 90° and rising before noon. My aircon is working fine, so I stayed inside mostly. Around noon OnTrac rang the bell and ran away. Amazon delivery which I did not expect till tomorrow,  pair of SodaStream diet cola syrup mix bottles. Later got eBay email that the order for a 2.5 gallon bag in a box of Diet Coke syrup was out of stock, so they sent a refund.

Also got the refund for the Lenovo laptop and car/airplane power adapter.

Pissed that I was not feeling well enough to catch Chicago at Palo Alto Players this week, and was surprised to find they close next week so ordered a ticket for next Saturday. I would have preferred closing, Sunday, but there's a YOTB concert & potluck.

The SBMT show I won't be going to because it stars three homewreckers has been getting "meh" reviews. The basic message being this is a mediocre, obscure musical done as well as it could be done, which points out why it's rarely performed.

Breakfast was my usual banana and hard boiled egg, lunch was creamed chipped beef on sourdough, and dinner was hot dogs and bow tie pasta. The latter was a spin-off of remembering that all this time I should have been running my humidifier, which I took out of the closet and set up beneath the fan in the living room. Boiled hot dogs & pasta helped with humidifying.

I'll move the thing into the bedroom tonight.

My one trip outside this afternoon was Lowe's. On the list was steel wool, something to spray into the gaps to hold it in place, windshield washer fluid, and furniture sliders. The app sent me to the opposite side of the store for the first two. It took 15 minutes to find the steel wool, but I had to ask about the washer fluid. It not only was not where the app said, it was not where the staffer looked. She found the unopened boxes of 6 1-gallon jugs way up on a top shelf, stacked 3 high. It took the tallest ladder and a taller staffer to rip open the top box and get me a jug.

Checked out, when I got to the car I looked at my list and realized I had not gotten the furniture sliders. Back inside, they were where the app said,  bought a set for the futon and one for the bed.

Home, set the steel wool and gap filler aside because by the time it was cool enough to work outside it would be too dark. Put sliders under the futon, it was much easier than expected, and moved it to the wall which used to be occupied with media racks. I also threw in a cat bed, and am leaving the door open because Spook likes that room (she spent the morning hiding in the closet and some of the afternoon in the window spying on the neighbors), and my visitors are hoping to meet her. She probably won't come out till they are gone, but we have a month to get her used to the room not being off limits. Also put the futon in bed mode, and flipped the mattress, which was upside down.

Could not lift the leg of the bed to get a slider under. I'll need the car's spare tire kit, the piece which cranks the car up off the ground.

Plans for tomorrow:
Be all better
Social Security planning talk at the library

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