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Once in a while I troll around on LJ, following comments by friends of friends of friends of friends, etc. My last fishing expedition landed me at the page of someone who had so much in common with me it was scary. So scary I have not only blocked out who the LJ user is, but also what friend's journal started me on the long and winding road. No, it was not just a senior moment, but it did have something to do with feeling guilty about being such a blatant voyeur.

The mystery person had just posted something very complimentary about an author I had never heard of before, named Syne Mitchell. Unique name, easy to remember (but I wrote it down anyway). Said post especially lauded one of Mitchell's three books, called technogenesis. I'm just about done with the book which is my lunchtime reading, Spider Robinson's ancient tome Telempath, so I hied me over to Book Buyers and made a beeline for the M stacks in the sci-fi section, and there it was, a nearly new copy in almost unread condition. It was the only Syne Mitchell book on the shelf. Serendipity.

It was still relatively early, so I went next door to Books, Inc., climbed the stairs to the coffee shop, and started reading. Syne knows how to write. Before I knew it, I had read 15 pages, and that was in between sips of decaf and frequent eye candy distractions. One thing I especially like is the story is set in East Seattle, a neighborhood I know well. Or will, when the east side of Lake Washington megalopolizes into either part of the Emerald City, or incorporates a la East Palo Alto.  

I had better get on Amazon now, so I have her other books by the time I've finished this one.

So thanks to the nice person who posted about Syne Mitchell, whoever you are. 

Rode my bike to light rail this morning and caught the 8:39 to work. I suspect I could ride my bike all the way to work in less time than it took to wait for the train and go the meandering route light rail takes from Mathilda to my stop at Borregas. The bike holders in the train are horrible. They look great, but are difficult to hang the bike on, and even harder to extract from. You have to lift the bike up almost perpendicular to the floor, and hang the front wheel from a small hook. There are 4 bike holders per rack, but it's a tight fit.

Took the bike to lunch, about 6 blocks from work. Walking there takes 10-15 minutes, the bike ride is a lot quicker. It got me back at work with 20 minutes to spare. Next time I think I'll ride around and look for the nearby bayshore park.

Don't know if I'm taking the bike tomorrow, because I have a Peace Corps event in San Jose after work which lets out after the light rail changes to an hourly schedule. SJ has free parking after 6, which sounds like a better plan. I'll make up my mind as I walk out the front door.

eBay foo. I was hoping to get a bargain on a blue star sapphire, and placed a bid at $1 a carat, willing to go 4x that high. Some fool newbie outbid me, even after I'd gone the 4x. It isn't worth more, so I won't bid any more. Nice stone, but it's being sold in Thailand, where it would go for maybe $2.50 a carat.

Fish foo. The gouramis were more hungry than I thought. I'm now down to two neons, after starting with seven. I'm not too surprised, since any tiny fish colored neon red white and silver may as well just hang a sign that says "eat me now!" I'll have to find a less flashy community fish to fill that niche in the tank. Maybe a swordtail or some kind of small shark.


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