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Still coughing a little and dripping a very little. Slept well, woke up the usual number of times, but earlier because I went to bed earlier. Spook stayed hidden.

Work was fun. We were sent a new build after closing time on Friday, which I installed. It was a cavalcade of FAIL. Team lead and I are the only ones on the team not on vacation, he blew his machine up worse than  I did.

Brought chicken soup for lunch, which saved me from the 96° heat outdoors.

Left a little early because I had three things on my plate:
Stop at Home Depot to buy a hydraulic jack to lift the bed and then later keep in the car. I'd found one online which was in stock at the local store
USPS had delivered the SSD drive and kit
The library was having a talk on Social Security

Home Depot - the app didn't launch, so I walked around for 10 minutes, could not find anything jack-like. Tried the app again, it said aisle 46. The store only had 43 aisles. Where that aisle should have been was the washers and dryers. So I left.

Home, no SSD in the mailbox. Checked the porch and there were 2 packages. One had the SSD, the mounting bracket and the USB adapter. The other had the alleged Dell power adapter, except the tip is way too big, so it's going back.

Plugged in the SSD to USB to the laptop, installed the software which came with the SSD, but it couldn't find the drive even after I used Windows disk manager to initialize & format it. So I popped in the Acronis CD which has the clone utility, and started that running. Clicked the "shut down when finished" box and left for the library.

I was only a couple of minutes late, but the place was almost full. The minion handed me unreadable printouts of the slides, and I found a seat in the first row as the speaker padded by bragging that, unlike the financial advisers at a bank, he spent 2 grueling years becoming a Certified Financial Planner. And then he started his presentation and proved it was 2 years he woud never get back. 

It was a very basic presentation, and he kept saying that he knew in theory how it all worked, but would like to hear from the many audience members who were already drawing SS$$. He had some good slides to show what the consequences are of grabbing the $$ before, during and after being fully vested (the SS does not call it that and neither did he). And then he proceeded to take a question from the audience. And another and another and half an hour later he was still on that slide, still answering questions which were better asked individually after the program. And by now nobody understood what was on the slide. I took a peek at the handout, the rest was about spouses and widows and disability, so I left.

Home, the laptop was off, I fired it up, and it gave a vague error message about not finding the boot disc, and auto-rebooted. When I pulled the SSD out of the USB socket, it booted fine. Which told me we had a true clone, and the machine was being confused with two identical boot discs.

Unplugged the A/C, popped out the battery, opened up the bottom and replaced the HDD with the SSD. It turned out I did not need the mounting bracket because the one holding the HDD was the right size. Held in by four tiny screws, and I managed to drop all of them, because they would not go in straight. Got three in when I noticed I had the bracket mounted upside down. Fixed that and all three screws went in fine. The 4th is on the floor somewhere. I hunted for it with a flashlight, Spook helped by chasing the light and meowing with great anxiety. Since the SSD has no moving parts, I am not worried about only holding it into the bracket with 3 screws. The bracket was then screwed into the frame with 4 screws, all of which found their way into the right holes.

Flipped the machine back, snapped in the battery and fired it up. After an initial burp and reboot, it came up fine. And it came up in about 5 seconds, compared to 3 minutes with the HDD. It's slightly lighter, too.


Online, got an RMA for the power supply, but the bracket is not returnable. :-(

So, to be done:
Wipe the Toshiba, and put it on eBay.
Wipe the HDD and put it on eBay
Return the adapter
order one from Dell instead of Amazon

Done already: Dell is zipped into a bright pink neoprene sleeve, plopped into a black shoulder bag along with (in the other pocket) the original power adapter and the bluetooth mouse I had been using with the Toshiba.  Debating whether to offer my external DVD drive with the Toshiba since the Dell has one.

Dinner was snuck in - a small beef and rice dish, and some almond cookies.

Got a letter from Starbucks CS, allegedly in response to my tirade against their plan to serve booze at the branch near the amphitheater, which attracts a lot of drunks to the 7-11 next door. It was a generic "we're sorry you had a complaint" and did not address the issue at all. More the kind of letter one would expect to a complaint about being served Sumatra instead of Arabica. No props to them.

Plans for tomorrow:
Lunchtime should be cooler, so go somewhere. Maybe O'Reilly for the jack.
Take the laptop for a spin at Starbucks.

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