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Last night sleep was me-normal. A little bit of coughing when I woke up to pee, but what finally woke me, just before the alarm, was my lights going on. The light timer is a minute ahead of the radio.

Lollygagged a lot, got to work closer to 10 than usual, but that was mostly because I was expecting nothing to do. Wrong. Beat up on my machine until it started to behave itself, which surprised me. And wrote a page of steps for the team on how I did it.

Lunchtime I went to Target because online they said they had the rug in stock to replace the somewhat shredded one which is under my feet when I'm at the recliner. They lied. Shelves were depleted and Santa Clara U freshmen mobs were gang-shopping for their new homes.

Next stop was across the street, O'Reilly had the hydraulic jack I wanted, but I had to walk halfway around the store to get to it, what with staffers blocking that aisle helping customers choose stuff. And when I got to the cashier desk, there was no help in sight for about 5 minutes.

Back to work, made a cup of noodles, but was interrupted because the team decided to have its weekly meeting for the first time in 3 weeks. I'd wiped it from my calendar yesterday.

There were some things to discuss, and for the first time since I came to this place I have started to feel it may be time to make my resume public on a job board. I get about 10 unsolicited offers a week, always from people with India names, lately more Islamic ones than Hindu ones, and usually for contracts way far from where I am. Maybe 20% are for jobs which reading my LinkedIn profile would suggest I was qualified for.

I did get one last week from a woman with a WASP name, working as a recruiter for a contract agency which has health coverage, but it was clear she had no idea what the job description meant. It wasn't meant for me, that's for sure.

But I digress.

After the meeting, team lead says I should write up all the anomolies I found today and make them bugs, so I filed three bugs, and he added some useful screen shots from his machine to the ones I made on mine. I still have one more thing I could write a bug for, but I have not been able to reproduce it since beating my machine into submission.

Did some more research on rugs, was reminded that Lowe's has a huge section. So I went there with the named & sku numbers of four of them, but the app pointed me only to the aisle, not the bay within the aisle, and that was no help at all because there are about a thousand rugs in that aisle, and most of them are folded too small to see the pattern, let alone what size they are.

I did find what I was looking for, though. I wasn't sure about the recliner rug, but when I got it home it looked a lot better than in the store. How often does that happen? The other was a runner to replace a shorter rug which was not hiding enough of a wire running between the TV and a speaker. It was a set of 2, with a smaller matching rug. That went to be an inside welcome mat for the front door. The original wire hider is in front of the office door.

Before replacing them I vacuumed the whole living room. Spook was not pleased. But once the rugs were in place she plop-down tested them all and decided they would all make nice platforms from which to pose.

That done, I unboxed the jack, and jacked up one side of the bed (it's heavy, motors at the head and knees for lifting and massage, and it's a solid steel frame). Put sliders under the legs. Did the same on the other side, and was able to push the bed closer to the wall. Spook watched from under the bed as I did some of this. The legs are long enough for her to easily crawl out.

Dinner was turkey lasagna. Mango for dessert.

Watched The Muppets on Tivo, was not impressed.

Watched the news. Way too much about the Pope, not enough on a couple of local shootings by police. Watched a bit of The Voice and was impressed by at least one of the contestants. But they kill the whole concept by running an extensive bio of the contestant leading up to the song. These are the blind auditions, save that spoiler crap for if/when they start competing. And the Adam/Blake feud is Just Plain Stupid.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe push steel wool into the openings the rats have been coming through. We had a surprise chill tonight, at 6 pm it was down to 65° after being in the 80s at lunchtime.
Maybe take the laptop to Starbucks

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