Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Doing stuff gets in the way of meal time

And also not doing stuff. I spent some time at sunset on the porch, amazing colors but the big skyful of cirrus clouds which had been there an hour before had blown away, leaving only a sliver in the west. Meanwhile, four hummingbirds battled for use of the primary feeder, as if (a) it didn't have 4 feeding spots and (b) there weren't two other feeders on the other side of the porch.

Also dozed off a little. Love the rocking chair.

Stuff I did:
windexed the livingroom and piano room windows. It had probably been a year.

Sat down at the kitchen table with some ziplock bags, and spent about 2 hours plucking the leaves off last week's now-dry harvest. First the rosemary, which goes great in my stew-like chicken soup. Then the catmints, which was a huge undertaking, yielding about a quart of dried leaves from a kitchen trash bag half-full of branches. Also had to remove the rose leaves and fuchsia blooms. Then the mint, which was less than I thought I had, but then remembered I had been making tea out of that when it was still fresh. Am sipping on tea made from the dried leaves now, and it is yummy. Very potent.

Looked for catmints recipes online, and all I could find were nincompoops who think it is the same plant as catnip. Definitely not. They are related, but catnip needs more water and produces fewer and less bee-friendly flowers. And doesn't make good ground cover. I'll try to make tea from it tomorrow.

Played with Spook a little. Got down on the floor and crawled over to her, but she kept moving away, 36 inches or so at a time. Her latest favorite toy is a flat, round, used makeup sponge which fell out of my theater kit many moons ago in the guest room.

Rent bill was delivered, check has been printed but it won't go to the manager until after the next paycheck (on the 29th) because I paid down a chunk of my Discover card (aka amazon) balance.

Work today was fun. I filed a bug about a major hardware error, which took a lot of work to document, process log files and write up the configuration. At the time I was streaming three sets of programs on two ports, with backups from the opposite port. For example, I had ESPN coming in on port 1 and port 2, and it was set up so the port 1 feed was the main feed, port 2 was the backup, and I had color bars as the second backup. The deal is if the feed from port 1 fails, the one from port 2 takes over. If they both fail,  internally generate color bars will be what the customer sees.

Lunch was pizza buffet, my choice, with team leader paying for mine as a reward for filing the most bugs this week.

Online, ordered an oil disperser, and some menthol, eucalyptus and camphor oil for it to disperse. Hope this will work on my cough better than the Vicks vaporizer.

Toward the end of the day, the engineer in charge of the hardware my last bug was about came over and said she was able to make her machine burp the same way, but only on one connection. She has 16 connections on her machine, I only have 1. So my job now is to change the input cable to each of the empty connectors to see if the error follows it.

Straight home after work. In the mailbox was a second p/s for the Dell laptop. Looks like the right connector this time.

Plans for tomorrow:
Plant marigolds and ground cover
Stuff the steel wool into places the rats may be coming in from
Clear the dirt from the back of the house and put the bricks back against the house where they belong, also a rat deterrent
Take the laptop for a spin
See Chicago at Palo Alto Players

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