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Backdated - Thursday stuff happened

Writing this Friday night, backdating it 23 hours.

Thursday was company picnic day, so I took my camera to work. There was a lot of actual work, I filed three bugs, two were mine, one really belonged to the team lead but since I saw the same issue on my machine he delegated.

Got to the park at 12:30, had to park the car half a mile away at the far lot because another company had a picnic next to ours which was twice as big and started at 10.

Sunnyvale Baylands park, this is the place I go sometimes to watch the RC planes. It's a quick shot to my house, so I didn't carpool.

They had reserved two picnic areas side by side, but only had one set up with a food line. Attendance was pretty slim considering we have all of the company's units from the Bay Area included. Last year there were twice as many people with just our building. Lots of attrition. Also this year no spouses or children invited.

The food was sparse. Salad, Italian dressing, something that looked like potato salad had been injected with foam insulation, corn on the cob, roast skinless chicken and sliced beef which was 1/3 fat. BBQ sauce was a sea of red pepper flakes, so no thanks, there was sour cream for some unknown reason, or maybe it was butter. Salsa, but they ran out of chips. Ice cream was pretty good - snickers, klondike, haagen dazs, etc.

No one had thought to bring a canopy, so there was only one table not under direct sun (it was in the 90s) so I walked behind the picnic area across the path to a bench which was in the shade and ate there. Sadly nobody joined me. But the view was excellent, as lots of eye candy jogged and walked by.

The picnic was fun, though. They changed entertainment companies, and this one had a lot of small self-explanatory games to play. Bean bag toss, giant Jenga, a card game played by matching cards to their image on a board. Table-top game but played on the grass.

The volleyball tournament was a joke, the person organizing it didn't. Softball game was hilarious, 25 on the field at the same time. The Indian players would hit the ball and take the bat around the bases with them. Apparently this is what is done in cricket. J, the Type AA engineer who was in charge of the event, was very funny telling them to put the bat down gently "don't throw it" which is, of course, totally un-American. They are aluminum bats, go ahead and throw them.

I bailed after the 3rd inning, when it was clear there were no good photos to get. And almost everyone not playing ball had already left. And there was no more ice cream.

Home, uploaded the pix to the PC, processed them and uploaded them to Flickr.

Had plenty of time to load the baritone & music stand into the car and get to band practice half an hour early (which means parking was easy).

My eye was bothering me at first, but by the end of rehearsal it was okay. Not okay enough to want to do this another year, though.

The horn had been in the shed, cooking, for 2 weeks, and the valves were all stuck. Oiled them, and 1st valve was still stuck. Had to take it out and scrape some mold off the bottom of the piston.

The conductor was a bit scattered, instead of running through the concert program in the order we would be playing them, he plucked them at random. A PIA for me because I had already put them in concert order. As usual, he skipped two or three which we play enough to not need to rehearse again.

After rehearsal, Safeway was in the plan, but I didn't go to the one in Los Altos, it's too much like a cavern at night. Went to the other new one in San Antonio center, which always has customers because of all the condos around it. Needed fruit, also picked up some Vicks vaporizer liquid because the vapo-rub was not doing it in the vaporizer. And instead of Klondike bars, got some Magnum ice cream bars (made by the same people) because they were on sale for the same price.

Home, had something dinner-like, then straight to bed.

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