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Low Hgl is a PIA

Slept well. Stayed in bed till 9, no rats woke me up for a change. Spook spent some time on the bed, but mostly spent the night in the guest room cat bed and in both bedroom closets. It got cool overnight.

Started in on the to-do list with marigolds. Needed the big shovel to break up the dry ground where the bee's friend flower patch had been, dug a trench deep enough to plant the 4" marigold pots, minus the pots. Flooded the trench, planted the flowers, filled in around them. Next step was to rake the rest of the BF patch, throw about 1,000 marigold seeds in, and rake the dirt over them, then water everything.

By now it is about 80°, so I took a breather inside.

Next was pulling out a section of ice plant which looked pretty scraggly, rake all the redwood chips to the side, and plant 4 4" pots of ground cover, filling in with the rake & shovel, then watering.

Another breather.

Back outside, the project was to move the dirt from between the back of the house and the retaining wall, which was done first with a wide broom, then with the jet spray setting on both the hoses (one on each side of the house). After seeing what that revealed, it was clear that pushing steel wool into the little gaps on the carport side of the house was a joke as far as rat control goes, I'll need to move some bricks against the back of the house, but not today.

Another breather, watched bits of the Maryland-WVA game and Cal-UW. Was not pleased with either of them.

Lunch was a bagel from work yesterday, with cheese, hard boiled egg and white fish piled in there. Ice cream bar for dessert. I shot up my usual pre-meal insulin, which usually covers ice cream pretty well.

At about 3:30 started feeling totally whacked, so I took a nap. Set the alarm for 5, woke up at 4:30, back to sleep and let the alarm wake me. Still felt whacked & disoriented. Hgl level was 57. Had another ice cream bar, and some chocolate milk when that didn't pull me up enough.

6:30, off to Palo Alto, read in the park behind the theater until the box office opened, and there was much to watch, picnics and a girl scout troupe which started in the GS building, then went to the playground, then to the field where they played a variation on tag. "It" would tag someone, then the two would do rock-paper-scissors, with the loser sitting on the gress, out of the game and the winner the new "it".

Got my ticket, sat in the lovely wooden seats in front of the theater (there's a garden) and read some more. At 7:45, put the Nexus back in the car, then went inside to see Chicago.

I had great expectations, because many friends gave it rave reviews. But it was the biggest WTF of the year for me. The director went way overboard stylizing it. First thing is the orchestra is on tiers which start halfway upstage and go to the back of the stage. They are all dressed in B&W, with roaring 20's costume touches. This means there is no way for the orchestra to not drown out the singers. The theater has a pit, and the acoustics are all wrong for an on-stage orchestra.

Hanging from the proscenium was a bed sheet which had been torn in several places, including in half horizontally, and roughly stitched together, sort of. Distressed, is what they call it. Before opening, the logo of the musical was projected on it, but with all the distressing it was unreadable. They did a cute thing where they projected some 20's era movie clips as the overture played, and interspersed in that were the usual announcements such as "here are the exits" and "silence your cell phones", but the text was where the center crease was, so unreadable.

The cast was miked, but only the featured singers, so they sounded artificial while the chorus could not be heard hardly at all.

And then there was the costumes. Or lack thereof. The chorus/dancers were in underwear. The women were in unflattering knickers with garter belt and stockings, and a bra or chemise. The men were in long johns or T-shirts and long-leg tightie whities. At times the men wore pants, but not shirts, or shirts but not pants. The six women convicts sometimes wore a plain one-piece button-down-the-front shift in mottled grey, with a sewn on off-white almost a rectangle with a not quite black ID number. These were done by hand in pen instead of stenciled, and they were all slightly different. Mama's uniform was an Army general's.

The choreography was way overdone, the audio was painful to listen to, and Roxy was boring. And she kept hitting wrong notes.

I left at halftime.

Home, fired up the laptop, loaded some updates, did a virus scan and tried out the new (from amazon) power adapter. Instantly got a message that the power supply was not the right one, and the unit might not charge. And sure enough, it only charged for a few seconds. Pulled that and hooked up the one which came with the laptop. And ordered an official one from Dell. And a spare battery.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe do the brick thing
YOTB concert & potluck - need to stop off somewhere for something to bring


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