Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Potluck is pot luck

Slept well again. As soon as I was ready to get up, Spook decided to join me in bed, close enough for me to pet her. For 30 seconds.

Lazy morning, overcast and not very hot, but it was going to be a summer-like day so I wore the black cutoffs I'd made from a pair of $10 Walmart pants. They have my size in dress pants, but not in cutoffs. Go figure. And my YOTB uniform polo shirt & cap.

Watched some football, wrote some FB posts, inspected yesterday's garden and back-of-the-house work, then left for Los Altos.

Stopped at Safeway, bought goodies for the potluck. There was plenty of parking in the two lots at park level, and since this would be my last time there, I grabbed a spot. Brought my goodies into the clubhouse so they didn't melt in the car, then walks to the far side of the park and started reading a new book on the Kindle app, Valour and Vanity by Mary Robinette Kowal. I had put off reading it because it had been hyped as a romance novel, but it didn't take long to see it is a fantasy work in the form of a romance novel. The reason I finally gave in is Mary is a heck of a writer. Her Hugo winning The Lady Astronaut of Mars is a miracle of story telling.

As I read, my peripheral vision picked up the work I was shirking, someone had already set up all the chairs, and pairs of people were bringing out the risers. But this time there was a difference. In the past, we carried them, this time they had discovered they had wheels. So it was not much work at all, and I decided not to run over there to help.

Put the Nexus back in the car at about 1 pm, and hauled my horn & music stand to the concert area. We started a few minutes after 1:30, and it was a pretty good concert. The conductor singled out my section in for praise in one of the numbers where we had a soli. When he was thanking people for helping set up, he mentioned me. I had helped last month, so I didn't say anything.

Our last concert of the year, followed by the traditional potluck. This year's offerings were less than usual, both in variety & quantity. But there was enough. Ditto with desserts. I sat with some people I did not know, who turned out to be rookies. A new French Horn player, and a new Tuba player and friends who had come to hear them. I got some gardening tips.

Home, changed into civvies, unloaded laundry from the dryer and started another in the washer. Watered the plants I'd planted yesterday, tied a tomato vine to the trellis.

Two boxes from Amazon were delivered. In one was a tea kettle (to replace the Revere Ware one which heats up the handle as much as the water) and three knock-off Epson black ink cartridges for the printer which does checks, shipping labels and card stock. In the other box was a hot oil diffuser and two vials of camphor oil. And four boxes of cat treats. Under separate cover, as they say, will be oils of menthol, peppermint, eucalyptus and something called "breathe easy".

Fast forwarded through the Raiders' game on Tivo, was pleased with the outcome but not with their 2nd half meltdown. Watched the end of the Denver game live,  was displeased with the Lions' almost-but-not-quite offense. Golden Tate is wasted there, he needs to go back to Seattle.

Dinner was a couple of pieces of fish fillet and some mini egg rolls, because they have been floating around in the freezer for long enough to clog the works.

Finally changed the SodaStream charger, which has not been producing much for the last week. Now it bubbles just fine.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call the denture clinic for an appointment for Tuesday
Flu shot? Maybe not with the cough still hanging on
Look at the schedule for Convolution (which is next weekend) and see if it has enough to make me want to go. I totally blew it by not putting my name in for panels.   

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