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Forgotten stuff

Forgot to mention last night I went outside to see the lunar eclipse, I had the times for Sunnyvale from the Naval Observatory, and an app on my phone to show me what's in the sky. But where the moon should have been, there were thick clouds. I think I caught a glimpse right before totality, but it was gone in an instant, so I'm not sure. Definitely not a photo op. Am so jealous of all the photogs who posted pix from not very far away.

Monday, another 5 am rat scratching, but now as soon as I walk to that side of the room it stops. No word at all from Terminix. A manager was supposed to contact me. They are so fired. I'll call Clark and find out if they can do a better job. I should also go to the clubhouse and see if there is anything in their book of neighbors' ratings.

Other than that, slept well. Spook guarded the guest room.

Work was almost fun. Team meeting I got to share some bugs, and afterwards I verified a fix, but in the process found two more bugs, which turned out to be undocumented "features", which were not supposed to be in the product at all.

At lunchtime I called the denture clinic to make an appointment to have my uppers looked at, and the choice was 8:30 tomorrow morning or in a week. When I mentioned how rush hour traffic wouldn't let me get there that early, she said to just come in now. So I did. Dentist took 20 seconds to say they needed to be relined, but that would need to be by two appointments, not this week. So, come in a week from Wednesday for the fitting and pick up the following afternoon 3 pm. My old pair still fit...

Almost stopped off somewhere for lunch but autopilot took over, I had snacks in the cooler. Mixed nuts, wheat thins, grapes, string cheese, caramel walnuts.

Good thing, because it gave me time to replicate a serious bug on two different video ports which the engineer had only been able to see on one.

The low tire pressure light was on, I stopped off at Lowe's and got a tire pressure reader and spare valve caps. Home, it was the rear driver's side tire again. I'll have to bring that in to get it fixed. The dealership always charges me, even when it's under warranty, so I'll probably take it to the service station down the block.

Watered the tomatoes and the newly planted ground cover.

No deliveries, but in the park mail slot was a notice that they forgot to tell us Bingo was last week. I thought it was this week. And they will have something party-like on Halloween.

In the real mail was another insurance ad for medicare, but also what I thought was a scam but turns out to be legit, a note from CM, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, which has a .gov URL, saying there is a site called mymedicare.gov which can track all my medicare needs, and my meds and records. It claims twice in the first paragraph to be "a secure and personalized portal" which means I won't be trusting it. They say I even have a password linked to my medicare number. Sign-in is good for 180 days after medicare sign-up. I'll wait a while. And I don't think I'll put much info in there other than my Kaiser coverage.

Watched Green Bay clobber Kansas. Not schadenfreude, because it is not joy to see him suffer, but Alex Smith, who helped make the 49ers the crap pile it is today, was sacked early and often, and didn't do much until Green Bay's 2nd team was on the field. The game was never within reach for KC, though the commentators made the best case for it they could, because Monday Night Football® has a rep to maintain of lining up good teams to play each other. A rep which they have not lived up to for years.

Spook got to play with the RC car, and she dove under the carpet runner a couple of times looking like she was going to attack, but she never did.

Dinner was chips and artichoke spinach dip with half a peach and a whole Magnum ice cream bar for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably have the tire taken care of

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