Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It's only 2's Day?

It was the most frustrating after-work drive. I needed bananas, there's only one left. But there is one left. So I drove down Montague to Rivermark, because that's the opposite direction from rush hour traffic. Except it wasn't. It was a mess in both directions. Hit every stop light along the way, just as it turned red. Some of those are 5-minute stops. Took the second entrance, because that left turn usually has the shortest line, but not this time - waited through 2 cycles. And each time I saw a parking spot open up, some vulture swooped in from nowhere and grabbed it.

Headed home, took a road I thought I was familiar with, again hit every red light, and realized too late I was on the other side of Santa Clara than I thought. More stop lights - every. single. one. 45 minutes to make the 18 minute trip home.

Watered the almost totally fried hanging fuchsias, and the one in the shadowy corner of the porch which is thriving now that it is out of the sun. Also watered the lime trees and the new marigolds.

Delivered was a set of test strips for the Hgl meter, and a vial of "Respire" aromatherapy oil. It smells like what I wanted - and is being diffused into the bedroom. I think it will help the cough.

Slept well again. When I woke up, Spook hopped onto the bed. She curled up on the small piece of quilt still on the bed. After she left I made the bed so she would have the whole quilt to use, but she didn't return. Webcams showed she didn't use it while I was gone, either.

Slow getting moving, got to work at the last possible moment. There was stuff to do which was a continuation of yesterday.

Lunchtime at Starbucks, much eye candy. Read from the Kindle app on the new laptop. Iced (unsweetened green) tea & a piece of crumb cake.

Pushed 4 quarters into the air pump at Arco and topped up the leaky tire. Maybe I'll deal with it tomorrow.

Home, gave Spook a brushing both with the wire brush and the softer one. She purred up a storm, but didn't do the usual cat thing of pushing her face into the brush.

Plans for tomorrow:
Kaiser, PSA test and flu shot
Deal with the tire. If I'm lucky, they can fix it while I wait. Otherwise, have them put on the baby spare and leave the tire to be fixed, and re-installed the next afternoon.

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